Since Amazon purchased Whole Foods in June 2017, they’ve released incentive after incentive to get their loyal customers to shop their newly acquired grocery store. This week they announced that Amazon Prime members can get a discount at Whole Foods by using their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa for purchases.

The discount comes in the form of 5 percent back (points are earned through your card and can be redeemed by getting cash back, discounts or travel) for all grocery purchases at the health food store. This is in addition to the current perks of 5 percent back on all purchases and 2% at other places like restaurants, gas stations and drug stores.

Previously, card holders would only have gotten 2 percent  back by using the card to purchase groceries, so Amazon is really upping their cash back game. It requires noting that to reap the benefits of this new perk for Amazon Prime members, you can’t use just any Visa card: it must be Amazon’s Prime Rewards card.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa card is only available to Prime members who shell out the annual $99 fee to get free shipping, Amazon Music, Prime Videos and tons of other benefits. However, the card is popular because of its low APR—and of course it’s incentives for shopping the Amazon family of brands.

We already know being a Prime member far outweighs the cost, especially since Amazon announced last week they’ll be adding Whole Foods groceries to their Prime Now program. Shoppers can not only get 5 percent back while using their card, but they can get them delivered to their home in a two-hour window, too. Sign us up!

Will you be using your Amazon Rewards Visa to shop Whole Foods for 5% back? Let us know in the comments below!

––Karly Wood

Featured image: Rick Obst via flickr.


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