Study Says Most Parents Have Not Been on a Romantic Date in Years

Valentine's Day Couple
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When was your last romantic date with your significant other? Was it a night out on the town or a candlelight dinner? According to a survey of 2,000 parents of school-aged children conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Groupon, it’s probably been a while. 

Valentine's Day Couple

The study examined the romantic lives of 2,000 parents of children aged 5-18 and uncovered seven in 10 reported that the romance in their relationship significantly decreased after having kids.

According to new research, the average parent hasn’t been on a romantic date in more than three years. 30% of the parents polled said it’s been so long, they don’t even remember when was the last time they went out, just the two of them.

The majority of the respondents say it’s something they want to change, as 81% say that they need to step things up and have more frequent date nights. More than half long for the freedom they had before they became parents. 

The most important thing parents miss about life pre-children is spending quality time with their partner. They are nostalgic about their lives before kids, wanting to have more sex, sleep in, travel, more, and simply having more alone time. 

Groupon Valentine's Day Inforgraphic

Though they may miss the lack of responsibility of their lives back before they had kids, 77% of those surveyed revealed they are happier and more fulfilled now that they have children. 

Working parents look forward to spending time with their kids and family at the end of a long day. With making dinner as the number one thing parents reported looking forward to after a busy day at work, followed by tucking the kids into bed, reading bedtime stories, and snuggles. 

In fact, even when it comes to how they spend their Valentine’s Day, 79% would rather spend the day as a family rather than one-on-one with their partner. 

“As parents, it’s great if we can pull off a romantic date night experience with our partner on Valentine’s Day. However, it’s also about celebrating our other loves, too,” said Groupon’s Head of Experiences Brian Fields. “And when it comes to finding the perfect gift for all of your loves, our research shows that experiences are remembered nearly 40% more than physical things and leave people feeling nearly 20% happier.”

Maybe this survey will serve as the catalyst to get more parents to spend more time going out and doing something special with the one they love. 

Looking to revive the romance? Check out out these easy date night ideas for busy parents. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher  

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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