Fans are used to seeing Bravo’s Andy Cohen looking suave and suited up on-air. But off-air, Cohen is a dad of two, and just like the rest of us, he gets frazzled when the kids start melting down. Cohen shared an all-too-relatable video of a drive with his family that went sour recently when both kiddos started crying in the backseat.

“Summer is supposed to be fun,” Cohen captioned the video. He doesn’t say a word, and he doesn’t need to, because we know exactly what he’s dealing with. We’ve all been there, and it is absolutely the worst. He grimaces while looking down at the camera, shakes his head, and generally looks like he’s about two seconds away from threatening to turn the car around and go home. It sounds like Cohen has at least one adult helper along for the ride, but what it looks like is that he really wants a pair of earplugs.

Summer is the season of road trips, and for many of us, they’re going to end up looking a lot like this. It starts out great, but no matter how many snacks and games and downloaded shows and movies you prep for the car ride, sometimes kids are just not interested in cooperating. It’s the price we pay for making those magical summer memories, though, and I’m confident Cohen would agree, as miserable as this particular car ride was.

Though Cohen kept it real with this clip, he’s been nothing but a doting dad on Instagram. He’s shared lots of adorable snaps since newborn baby girl Lucy joined the family, including with adoring big brother Benjamin, 3.

While a car ride with two crying kids isn’t exactly a banner moment for any dad, Cohen has been gushing about how amazing fatherhood is in recent interviews. Of becoming a father of two, the Bravo host told Forbes: “It’s exhausting, but it’s good. It’s really nice. It’s going to be great.” That optimistic attitude is definitely going to be crucial for Cohen, in dad life and especially on family road trips.

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