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We could all use some zen right now, our kids included. Give them the mindfulness moment they didn’t know they needed, with the help of lovable panda bear Stillwater! This animated series exclusively on Apple TV+ is about the beautiful friendship formed between siblings Karl, Addy, Michael, and their next-door neighbor, a wise panda named Stillwater

Based on the popular Zen Shorts book by Jon J Muth, Stillwater acts as a “Zen Yoda” for the kids, giving them the tools they need to face challenges in their daily lives. Through his stories and gentle humor, Stillwater gives the kids a deeper understanding of their emotions, and the tools that help them face their day-to-day challenges. 

Read on to learn how this thought-provoking show will bestow you and your kids, ages 3-7, with tools that encourage mindfulness in your everyday lives—less stress and more joy!

Mindfulness Matters

You may know what mindfulness means, or like us, you assumed it meant your mind is full (pretty hard to avoid that these days). The good news is you don't need to be the Dalai Lama to bring a more mindful approach to your life—even a kid can do it! 


    • Brings a deeper understanding of our emotions
    • Enables us to let go of taking things for granted
    • Helps keep us present and in the moment
    • Is the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance

Stillwater is geared towards helping kids deal with real feelings in a non-judgmental way. Not only that, the well-thought-out, multilayered characters and storylines are engaging and fun. Bonus: Apple worked with mindfulness expert Mallika Chopra and other educational consultants in developing this series to ensure the techniques and themes presented were appropriate and effective for young viewers. 

The main character isn't the only thing that's zen. The pace of the show is calm, quiet and intentional (adiós, overstimulation!) and has relaxing music from Kishi Bashi and Toby Chu.

Stillwater Is the Ideal Mindfulness Model for Kids

What makes this animated panda so great at this crucial life skill? He's silly, he's playful, he always has something to do or practice but is never busy. He doesn't judge or take himself too seriously. Oh, and he meditates, does yoga and is a sympathetic listener. Before you ask yourself, "Is he single?" remember this is a panda we are talking about (but we get it).


Stillwater is comforting to kids as he models emotional self-awareness and strategies for being present that small humans can understand and make their own. One of the best things about him: he doesn't give answers; he helps kids discover the solution all on their own, which is a building block for a lifetime of happiness.

Namaste, Stillwater!


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