14 Atlanta-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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If 2020 has already been scary enough for you, try one of these Atlanta-inspired Halloween costumes on for size, instead. From a classic peach to Stranger Thing—cast and shot in our own backyards—we’ve got a bushel of great ideas for a very Atlanta Halloween. Keep reading for inspiration, below.


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Priscilla the Pink Pig

Atlanta's strange but long standing tradition of taking our kids to ride on a pink pig during the holiday season can now be celebrated during Halloween, too! Nothing says "holidays" like a pink pig in Atlanta. 

The Varsity Hot Dog

Home to the world's largest drive-in, Atlanta wouldn't be the same without The Varsity, and its army of car hops. So when the the kids start talking costumes, be the first to say "What'llyahave" and lock this iconic Atlanta-themed idea down, tight. We're digging this costume. 


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A Peanut

While not exactly an Atlanta phenomenon, peanuts are kind in the peach state. Georgia produces the most peanuts in the United States, followed by Florida and Alabama. And there's not much cuter than when your peanut dresses up like an actual peanut. 

A Peach

You knew this one was coming, right? The peach is about as close as we're going to get to stereotypical Atlanta. Easily whipped together with materials at home for a last-minute get-up, we also like this costume. 


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A Race Car Driver

Driving in Atlanta is a little bit frustrating, and a little bit thrilling. It helps to have some pro skills on the asphalt, and this Halloween costume is so cute it would make anyone swerve. 

Peachtree Road Race Runner

Forrest Gump may not have run through Atlanta (though maybe he did), but 60,000 runners certainly do during the annual 4th of July Peachtree Road Race—the world's largest 10K. Here's a great vintage Gump-esqe costume for inspiration, but we know nearly all Atlantans have a Peachtree Road Race t-shirt somewhere in our closets, making this an easy option to pull together without making any purchases. 


So maybe the tag on this Amazon costume indicates that it's actually an owlette and not a baby falcon, but we all know that if you say anything with authority, most of the time, no one will question it. Therefore, we present to you the falcon baby. And, in case you missed it, the Atlanta Falcons are our city's NFL team. Rise up!


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Atlanta's symbol is a phoenix, representing the city that rose from the ashes. In more modern times, it's become a symbol of a city that unites to overcome obstacles. It also makes a really cute Halloween costume. 

Eleven from Stranger Things

If you know her, you love her. The character Eleven from Stranger Things was practically written for trick-or-treaters everywhere, and we in Atlanta get extra pride of place because Stranger Things was shot right here in our own backyard. Check out this costume, which nails it—right down to her bloody nose. 

Zombies from The Walking Dead

Speaking of shows shot in Atlanta, The Walking Dead is another good one with roots in Atlanta that's filled with Halloween costume fodder. While your kids probably aren't watching it, there are some seriously delightful zombies in the casting call, like the one you can find here


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A Skyscraper

At one point, Atlanta's recent skyline showed over 20 cranes where buildings—tall buildings—were being built. We're not certain how many are going up right now, but you can always count on our ever-changing skyline as new skyscrapers are added. 

Atlanta Braves Player

Perfect for the kid who might be getting ready to age out of the super-fantasy costumes, this Freddie Freeman jersey can be worn on both Halloween night—and every night—for maximum purchasing value. Just add one of those unused pairs of baseball pants that you bought before his (or her) season was Covid-cancelled this year, and you're set for Halloween, Atlanta-style. 

Bobby Jones

Maybe you only know it for the new public course near Memorial Park, but Bobby Jones is an Atlanta golfing—actually, an international golfing—legend who hails from these parts. There might not be a cuter caddy than your kiddo in this get-up. We're practically guaranteeing all the King-Sized candy bars for this costume. 


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Marietta's Big Chicken

The Big Chicken is a KFC restaurant in Marietta, and features a 56-foot-tall steel-sided chicken statue that rises up from the top of the building. The beak opens and closes, and its eyes spin. You can see it at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road, or you can catch a glimpse as you're traveling northbound on I-75. 

—Shelley Massey

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