Sure, Snowmageddon shut downs and scorching summers can be sucky for Atlanta parents. But before we call the Whambulence, let’s remember why we love to call Hotlanta home. Read on for ten reasons we think bringing up babies in the big A is absolutely awesome.

1. The Georgia Aquarium
Biggest. Baddest. In the world. Wham, bam, thank you Home Depot man!

2. Center for Puppetry Arts
And… We also scored the nation’s largest organization dedicated to puppetry. Somebody pulled some strings here I think.

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden
From Scarecrows in the Garden to Imaginary Worlds, this magical Garden plants the seed for a love of nature in our saplings, and lifts our spirits in any season.

4. The Fox Theater
The Fab Fox rocks as a lovable landmark that is terrific for tots from it’s star-studded ceiling to it’s box-office busting shows.

5. Stellar Schools for the Small Set
While we might complain about the complexities of private school applications (click here for our sanity-saving guide), Atlanta boasts a bevy of prestigious preschools and award-winning private and public elementary schools. Now, if we could just sort out the hot mess of high school.

6. We Go Wild for Babies
Zoo Atlanta boasts not just very rare Giant Pandas, but baby pandas. And baby lions, baby giraffes, baby rhinos and baby warthogs. It’s just an abundance of adorableness up in here.

7. Chick-fil-A Keeps It Real
When we are on the go, we feed our families without their seemingly crack-coated, fried fabulousness. Their wholesome approach and semi-healthy options makes us feel a little less guilty as we pull through the drive-thru (for the umpteenth time).

8. It’s A Group Thing, Ya’ll
Being a mom is hard, so here in the South we take care of our own. From neighborhood playgroups to stroller-friendly workout classes—Atlanta moms take care of their own. Find your sisterhood of support here, or check out some other stuff we think every ATL mom needs to know.

9. We Take It Outside
Known as “the city in the woods,” Atlanta’s 343 parks, preservations and abundant playgrounds mean that there is always a spot for families to score some fresh air. Click here for the best of the bunch.

10. We Got Patios Aplenty
For a good part of the year, Atlanta weather is mild enough to dine outside. And for parent’s who travel with tots in tow, that is good news. Click here for some spots where you can dine without having to remind them to use their “inside voice.”

What do you love about being an Atlanta parent? Share in the comments section below!

—Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of Georgia Aquarium via Facebook, Center for Puppetry Arts via Facebook, Atlanta Botanical Garden via Facebook, Zoo Atlanta via Facebook, Fox Theater via Facebook, Chick-fil-A via Facebook, Fulton County Schools via Facebook, Stroller Strides via Facebook, Cowtippers via Facebook

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