My name is Guiomar Barbi Ochoa and I’m a true Cosmo Mommy! My Nicaraguan mother met my Italian father over cocktails at a bar in Rome. Their global whirlwind romance led to a quaint wedding in Maryland and they began their life together in tiny Grotte di Castro, Italy. When I was five, my family settled in Washington, D.C. but swore to spend summers in dad’s hometown between Rome and Florence. My academic year was spent in the diplomatic, political hustle and bustle of D.C. but I loved getting some much needed downtime in dad’s Italian village where my nonna made fresh pasta daily during the summer months. My love for television production led to a stint at the Discovery Channel after college. I quickly learned PR and marketing was more my speed and ended up working with jaguars, pythons and crocodile hunters! But in 2001, La Dolce Vita called and I settled into a diplomatic career, in Rome, where I even got to work with the Pope! An arts aficionado, foodie and passionate traveler, I have called both Rome and Paris home but am settled, for now, back in my hometown of Washington, D.C. I, too, met my husband at a bar. We have two young children, Anna-Cecilia and Luca. I am adamant about passing down my love of languages and cultures to my kids. I work in the arts and am a freelance family travel writer. Our family loves to explore the world around us, whether ten or ten thousand miles from home.

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