Curious about the way an e-bike can benefit your family? Our editor tested out Aventon’s new Abound, and here’s what she had to say

My kids love to bike. We’re talking a We Don’t Talk about Bruno, go on a Paw Patrol mission, grandma’s coming to babysit type of love. Any chance they get, they grab their helmets and ask me to ride with them to a friend’s house, to a nearby playground, to the end of the block. Seriously. And while I used to share their unbridled joy at the freedom that comes with finally (finally!) being able to ride a bike, my passion for two-wheelers has waned in recent years. Chalk it up to life being busy, or the fact I’m getting older, but the joy I once had for hopping on and hitting a trail was almost a thing of the past…almost.

After my first ride on Aventon’s newest e-bike, the Abound, I was feeling that love again.

A mom and daughter on a sunny day riding the Aventon Abound ebike for families
Allison Sutcliffe

1. It’s an E-bike, but It’s Not Complicated

You know what they say about riding a bike–you never forget how to do it. Maybe that’s why riding the Abound felt both comfortingly familiar and excitingly new at the same time. Just like riding a bike—but so much better. And the thoughtful, simple design makes this cargo e-bike completely user-friendly right out of the box.

After it’s assembled and charged, simply press the power button to turn it on and get riding. The easy-to-read LED display is where riders can choose a pedal assist mode—sport, touring, eco, or turbo. Each mode offers a little something different, but all offer rider’s a boost, like an extra shot of espresso in your morning coffee. Extend the battery life on a long ride in eco mode, where riders can bike up to 60 miles on a full charge. If speed is what you need, Maverick, then turbo is your friend. It provides a solid assist for up to 30 miles. No matter which assist is on, you’ll feel it in the first pedal, like an invisible hand at your back, helping you up hills and along winding trails. Plus, if all else fails, there’s always the accelerator. Engage it to avoid breaking a sweat, no matter what the terrain.

Allison Sutcliffe

The display also includes all the biking favorites like mileage, speed, and calories burned with the push of a few buttons. But this is an e-bike, remember? So it also tracks battery range and trees saved. Feeling like a superhero yet? Brake lights, turn signals, and a headlight are all included, so bikers feel safer riding with traffic or navigating the road in the early morning or evening hours.

The Abound’s design is both functional and sleek. A squeeze on the dropper seat lever lets our family switch between riders without any fuss, so quick in-town errands are actually quick, no matter who’s on the Abound. The storage bag (where we put wallets, phones, and other ride necessities) blends seamlessly into the bike’s design and is just one of two storage spots. This is a cargo e-bike, remember? Footboards run alongside the back wheel where additional storage like panniers or a rear rack basket can be strapped on. Another useful design element? The battery pops out with a key so charging it up is easier than ever. 

A child sits in the child seat on an Aventon Abound ebike for families, cargo ebike
Allison Sutcliffe

2. It Has Accessories for Every Family

One peek at Aventon’s e-bike accessories and you’ll see how easy it is to customize your bike to meet your family’s needs. Wicker baskets, rear racks, travel bags. You name it, Aventon’s got it. Plus adding extras, like phone mounts, water bottle cages, mirrors, and more is as easy as twisting a few screws. 

Families that have young kids can consider adding a trailer or bike seat to the mix to make family outings easier than ever. Burley trailers have never felt so light. But we found that the Abound seat pad and handrail accessories that attach directly to the bike work well with toddlers and big kids. Once the seat is secured, it’s as easy as letting your kiddo climb up and hold on before taking off down the trail. Plus, the seat is long and wide enough even older kids join in on a ride. 

3. It Can Lighten Your Load

“Who needs a car when you’ve got an e-bike?” My son innocently asked me this question as I was pulling up the driveway from my morning ride. It got me thinking about how many times a week I could trade my car for my e-bike. That five-mile trip to the grocery store isn’t nearly as daunting when you know you’ll have help from your charged up e-bike when you’re loaded down with groceries. A trip to a neighborhood park where street parking isn’t always available is an easy choice to make now. And your farmers market finds can be safely stored in your pannier bags for the trip home (there’s room enough for your week’s haul). Even if it’s just a couple of trades each week, it has the potential to make an impact.

Aveton's Abound ebike cargo ebike in front of bushes
Allison Sutcliffe

4. It’s Easy to Assemble

Everything about this e-bike’s design shows an attention to detail that’s irresistibly appealing, right down to the box it’s delivered in. On-the-box instructions highlight what to take out of the box and how, step-by-step. Once everything is unloaded, a quick QR code scan is all it takes to find the assembly video on YouTube. It took us a little over 30 minutes to assemble the bike, using the tool included in the box and nothing else. Just remember to plug it in once it’s put together. The bike will be charged and ready to go in under five hours. It’s hard to resist getting on right away!

5. It’s Actually Affordable

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think e-bike is “pricey,” think again. Aventon’s Abound cargo e-bike lists for $2,199. 

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