At Red Tricycle, there’s nothing that we love more than sharing fun finds with our readers, especially when they are the creative product of our former SF Bay Area Editor! Rachel Teichman has taken her skills honed at Red Tricycle to the bookshelves. Combining her love of writing and bagels, she has written B is for Bagel, an ABC book, and we know you are going to love it.

From Asiago to Za’atar, and “Everything” in between, B is for Bagel teaches the whole alphabet, while introducing children to traditional and innovative bagel flavors. Vibrant photographs of each life-size bagel make turning pages so much fun! 

Shake, splash and roll your way through this book, where unicorns and rainbows take their bagel form, and cream cheese knows no limits! Kids will love finding a new favorite bagel, while deciding if they like lox, whitefish salad or maybe just extra schmear. 

You can cover the whole alphabet while learning about a popular breakfast food. From A to Z,  there is definitely a bagel for you! And there are even two recipes to try together!

Rachel is working with partner publisher The Collective Book Studio, and is financing the project through her Kickstarter campaign which ends Thursday, September 2, at 9:59pm PDT. You can receive an early signed copy of the book starting with a $25 contribution. There are also many other fabulous rewards available including photo prints, bagel confetti and even rainbow bagel chips.

Rachel lives in Houston and shares this about supporting Easter Seals there: “We are so proud to announce our partnership with The Caroline School at Easter Seals Greater Houston. We have added a new $75 reward level which gives you one book, and lets you donate one book to The Caroline School.”

Grab your bagel and coffee and let’s support this literary mama!


—Kate Loweth

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