12 Things You MUST Do for Baby’s First Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — even more so now that there’s a little bundle in the picture. Here’s what to do for baby’s first holiday. It only comes around once in a lifetime!

1. Spoil him with presents, even though he won’t know the difference or be able to open them.

photo: James Willcox via flickr


2. Establish a holiday tradition that you can use as blackmail when they get older, like a themed holiday card. 

photo: Meghan Rose


3. Find some snow and let ’em romp around. Or better yet, eat a handful.

photo: U.S. Army via flickr


4. Sit by a fire. You know how babies love lights? Well, a real fire in a fireplace is next level.

photo: Bradley Newman via flickr


5. Try cranberry sauce. It’s cruel but adorable to watch babies pucker.

photo: Jim Champion via flickr


6. Bundle her in Christmas footie PJs and give Eskimo kisses.


photo: Kelly Sue DeConnick via flickr


7. Play in a pile of wrapping paper.

photo: Caleb Zahnd via flickr


8. Start them young on holiday music

photo: Sham Hardy via flickr


9. See if he will fit in a stocking. Then snap the most adorable picture of your life.

 photo: Sage Ross via flickr

10. Offer a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.


photo: Tammra McCauley via flickr


11. Take him for a winter’s stroll to see your local Candy Cane Lane or downtown holiday lights display.

photo: terren in Virginia via flickr

12. Pack her in the carseat and blitz through the aisles Target with the other parents … those presents aren’t going to buy themselves!

photo: Chip Harlan via flickr

What do YOU think are musts for baby’s first holiday? Let us know in the Comments!

— Meghan Rose, Julie Seguss, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Erin Feher, Leah Singer, Phebe Wahl, Ruby Germain, Christal Yuen & Kelly Aiglon


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