10 Maternity Fashion Tips Every Expecting Mom Needs

Omg—you’re pregnant. Congratulations, mama, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. Like most rides, there are sure to be bumps to navigate along the way. The first, and most obvious, is the one you’ll need to dress for the next nine months! But, don’t despair, we’ve got you (and your growing baby bump) covered. Use these 10 fashion tips and you’ll sail through your pregnancy feeling stylish and comfortable.

photo: HATCH

1. Save money by opting for less expensive leggings and tank tops.
Instead of breaking the bank on expensive maternity pieces that you’ll outgrow and never wear again after pregnancy, opt for cheap maternity leggings and tank tops that can be worn on the regular for the next nine months. To dress up these staples, splurge on items you can continue wearing once baby arrives, like a nice cardigan or button-down top.

2. Buy nothing for as long as possible.
Resist the urge to shop online for maternity clothes as soon as you hear the news you’re expecting. Instead, take a solid inventory of what is in your closet already that you can continue wearing. Although you’ll start to feel changes happening in your body right away, the reality is that your current wardrobe will fit for some time, so hold off as long as you can and save your pennies for a few core pieces you’ll need down the road.

3. Don’t buy pieces much larger than your current size.
It’s easy to want to anticipate what will be happening to your body down the road, but the truth is you don’t know what’s in store and your bump will grow at its own pace. So, it’s better to buy pieces that will grow with you. The Eloise Dress from HATCH (shown above) is a splurge-worthy option you can wear throughout your pregnancy that will make you feel stylish and comfortable at every stage.

4. Wear your favorite jeans longer.
The Everyday Maternity BellaBand (shown above) by Ingrid & Isabel is a fan favorite and for good reason. The expandable band gives you the ability to wear your favorite jeans throughout your pregnancy. It’ll help make you feel more “you” at a time when you’re navigating a lot of changes.

5. Get creative with what you have!
Motherhood is a crash course in resourcefulness, so you may as well start tapping into that side of yourself before your baby arrives. Try wearing skirts higher up on your waist, or belt a dress to give yourself a waist again. See pieces you’ve owned forever in a new light, and you may not need as many “maternity” pieces as you think.

6. Rent special-occasion outfits.
It’s more than likely you’ll have a few special-occasion events to attend at some point in your pregnancy. For those occasions, try renting an outfit. It gives you the option of finding a piece you truly love without forking over a substantial amount of money for something you will probably only wear once. Rent the Runway has a slew of amazing options for moms-to-be who want to the perfect show-stopping outfit.

photo: KathrinPie via Pixabay

7. Try a maternity subscription service.
It seems there’s a subscription box for just about everything, and maternity wear is no exception. And, if anyone deserves an easier way to shop, it’s an expectant mom. Here are a few of our favorite subscription box services to check out today.

8. Splurge on pieces you’ll still want to wear after baby arrives.
Embrace the next nine months as much as possible and let yourself splurge on a few pieces you know you’ll want to wear after your baby arrives. Perhaps it’s the most cozy pajamas that will help you relax after a long day or a trench coat you love and makes you feel stylish as soon as you throw it on. Treating yourself to a few special pieces may just get you through the more stressful days.

9. Invest in what’s underneath!
They’re the easiest thing to overlook, but we promise you that investing in a good maternity bra and set of undies is worth it. Check out maternity fold-over panties, like these from Motherhood Maternity, and HATCH’s the bra — they’re must-haves for staying comfortable during pregnancy.

10. Consider a capsule wardrobe.
We’ve sung the praises of a capsule wardrobe before, and we believe it’s definitely worth considering for maternity wear. Especially if you think you’ll be pregnant again. Opt for pieces you can wear both while pregnant and nursing, in neutrals you can mix and match. Think, the perfect t-shirt dress and a pair of killer sneakers.

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—Aimee Della Bitta


featured image: iStockphoto


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