Sleep Help: 4 Snooze-Friendly Baby Gadgets

Whoever coined the term “sleeping like a baby” clearly never watched one sleep — at least not for long. If you have a baby that sleeps in short spurts before squirming himself awake or fights sleep with steely determination in his (perpetually open) eyes, there are innovative baby sleep gadgets that can help. These smart products can also save you from dealing with new parent-noia. From apps to smart monitors, here’s the lowdown on four gadgets that promise extra Z’s for baby and you.


Snuza Hero Movement Monitor

If you’ve ever stayed up into the wee hours watching the methodical rise and fall of your baby’s chest or giving him or her a little nudge if that breath doesn’t come quickly enough, you need a Snuza Hero Movement Monitor STAT. Designed to slide easily onto Baby’s diaper, the compact device weighs just one ounce, making it the lightest monitor on the market. The Snuza works by vibrating to stimulate baby’s breathing if movements are weak or fail to less than 8 per minute. If after three vibrations, he still does not respond, the Snuza will emit a “Rouse Warning” designed to wake parents. Unlike more traditional movement monitors that rely on sensor pads and can be bulky, the Snuza falls more into the category of wearable tech for babies, making it an especially smart choice for parents craving peace of mind on the go.

Available at Target, $119.99.


SleepHero App

Have a light sleeper on your hands? The SleepHero app was designed to carry babies or toddlers into dreamland and keep them there. Designed by a father of two, the app (a.k.a your new, trusty sidekick) comes preloaded with an impressive number of white noise options, from “rain on car roof” to “cafe chatter.” But what makes it really special is that parents can pre-record a lullaby or story in their own voices and set the app on “auto-pilot” mode to have the recorded message played back if baby begins to stir. SleepHero, indeed.

Available at, $2.99.


RockabyBoo App 

Noticed your singing voice doesn’t exactly send your little one into a deep, blissful sleep? There’s an app for that. The RockabyBoo app features a selection of stories and songs by silver-throated singer Beulah. Her soft, gentle voice can calm the crankiest of infants (or parents). Plus, the world’s first personalized lullaby and story app can be made to include your baby’s name with the click of a button. Just go to “settings” within the app, and type in your baby’s name to have it magically inserted into songs and stories that are every bit as charming and enchanting as Beulah’s voice. And because there are over one thousand names to choose from, even a “Pippa” or “Leopoldo” won’t be left out.

Available at $1.99 to $11.99.


Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor

The Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor offers a number of brilliant features designed to help you and baby get more rest. The Wi-fi based monitor does the basics – streams HD video day or night straight to your smartphone or tablet – and much more. To keep Baby happy and give you peace of mind, Evoz offers a speaker and microphone. Use your own voice to soothe her back to sleep or activate one of the in-app lullabies or stories. Another handy feature is the data-tracking option, which records sleep and wake times, potentially helpful for establishing a sleep schedule. (It also can be used to record feeding and changing times, temperature and baby milestones.) Along with a room temperature sensor and night light, Evoz also includes in-app access to parenting information organized by baby’s age. Sleep-friendly article titles include “Getting Off to a Good Sleep Start,” “Creating a Sleep-Friendly Bedtime” and “Need-to-know Sleep Facts.” Consider it your new, snooze-friendly tech toolbox.

Available from, from $169.

Do you think high-tech gadgets could help you and baby sleep better? Tell us in a comment.

–Suzanna Palmer


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