Need a laugh to pass the time while you trudge through another night feed? Hilarious TikTok moms to the rescue.

It’s the middle of the night, your baby’s up, and you’re desperate to go back to sleep but someone is taking their sweet time, apparently enjoying the snuggles and nourishment. Don’t watch the clock—watch #MomTok! There are so many hilarious moms on TikTok who are also in the thick of it, sharing the most relatable rants, jokes, and observations sure to help the time go by (and make you feel seen). We’ve watched a lot of videos to get here; these are six of the funniest moms to follow on TikTok.

Elyse Myers


it was way funnier than it had any business being 💀

♬ original sound – Elyse Myers

A writer, comedian and content creator, 28-year-old Myers tells personal stories to her TikTok following of more than 6.6 million, sharing funny and sometimes embarrassing moments from her everyday life in that rapid-fire, energetic way that works so well on the platform. Her content is often themed around mental health—she lives with introversion, anxiety, depression and ADHD—but Myers, who is based in Omaha, has one kid and is pregnant with her second, providing her with lots of funny parenting-related material, too.

Ong Squad


Look ma, no hands! Baby stood up for the first time. It can’t be long now until he takes his first steps. More of my high-pitched mom voice over on stories #MomsOfTikTok #BabyMilestones #12MonthsOld #FirstStep #1YearOldBaby

♬ original sound – Ong Squad

With four kids and a baby running around her Vancouver home, Ssonia Ong has no shortage of antics to draw from for her wholesome-yet-hilarious TikTok. Since launching the account during COVID lockdown, Ong has found her niche and amassed more than 9 million followers. We can’t get enough of her funny conversations with her daughter (especially during cooking tutorials), responses to people’s ridiculous questions, and seeing her baby stand for the first time in the background of a post about laundry.

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At this point we are all just feral AF! #momsoftiktok #momhumor #momcomedy #momof3 #momlife #feral #lifewithkids

♬ Разборка – Misha Mozhet

Unafraid to be silly and real, and often found in a bathrobe in her kitchen, Oregon-based Soliana jokes around about life as a wife and mom to her following of 364,000, tackling topics from the “joys” of having her kids home over the summer break to how she feels when they use the decorative towels in the washroom. Her facial expressions alone are often LOL-worthy.



This filter 😂😂 love me some britney!!!! Ib: @Nia Ivy

♬ original sound – Visa Baby

Xennial moms, take note: Chrissy Allen’s Tiktoks are pure fun and silliness, making light of all the highs and lows of parenting life, but with a focus on ’90s nostalgia (she’s a baby of the ’80s and child of the ’90s). Some of her funniest videos make use of popular TikTok sounds and songs, like this Britney filter (her Little Mermaid is also beyond).

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Tell me you’re a millenial parent without telling me you’re a millenial parent. #momhumor #momtok #momsoftiktok #momlife #momlifebelike #parentok #parentsoftiktok #millenial #millenialparent #millenialparentsbelike #millenialparentsontiktok #millenialmom

♬ original sound – Noe

Like so many of us, Aly spent a considerable amount of time trying to get her daughter to say “mama,” and her 238,000 followers were invested until it finally happened (though she’ll still only sing “dada”). But there’s no shortage of side-splittingly relatable moments for the toddler mom to lean into now, often using popular TikTok soundbites, like the weird things that crack her kid up (e.g. fake coughing), a toddler’s wildly short attention span for activities, and being forced to be a morning person (sigh).



Pretty proud tbh 🤭🤣 #momedy #momcomedy #momsoftiktok #momlife #Maverickmother #motherdaughter #momdaughter #daughtersbelike clip inspo: @PNW Dad

♬ original sound – Maverickmother

Guess who’s obsessing about her baby’s sleep just as much as you are? Emily of Maverickmother, that’s who—which means plenty of videos showing the British mom of five passed out when she shouldn’t be (smushed against her kid’s crib bars in one). That’s right, figuring out baby sleep doesn’t actually get easier the more kids you have. When she’s not using the perfect movie clip to bring your every mom thought to life, Emily hilariously pokes fun at married life and her husband’s horniness.

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