If you feel like back-to-school season is a lot more intense now than it used to be, you’re not wrong—and this TikTok dad captured the phenomenon perfectly

Ready or not, back-to-school season is here. Even though it’s still too hot out to do anything but lie poolside and sip on iced beverages, stores are already setting up aisles full of backpacks, folders, and spiral notebooks. If it hasn’t already, your email inbox will be lighting up with messages—supply lists, theme week announcements, conference dates. If you’re longing for the simpler back-to-school days of our childhoods in the ’90s, you’re not alone.

One TikTok dad, Dave Ogleton, is going viral for his video, which points out how much more intense back-to-school season is now versus how it used to be.

In his video, Ogleton first pretends to be a laid-back ’90s dad, checking in with his kid on how preparations are going for the upcoming school year.

“Did you ride your bike up to school to see what teacher you got this year?” he asks. “OK, well when you do, make sure you grab the school supply list.”


It’s coming parents…it’s coming #backtoschool What did i miss in the back to school emails?

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He then switches gears, parodying a modern parent receiving the back-to-school email that makes us all wish summer would last a little longer.

“Okay, welcome back. Your school supply lists include everything you already bought but in a different color. That’s helpful,” he reads. “The supply list can be found in your ZableZoot account. Oh, and all students and parents got new logins and passwords for their ZableZoot accounts which can be found in your Zorkel app.”

He then turns to his partner off-screen and asks, “Did we ever figure out which one that was? No?”

Ogleton continues reading, “Drop-off time for this year is 8:30. Students arriving at 8:32 will be marked late. No exceptions.”

Yeah, that should be relatable to all the parents out there.

Then Ogleton gets to the part we all dread: Spirit Days.

“Great news… Spirit Days are back and will be every other week, but feel like every day,” he reads. “The first day of school will be ‘Wear your favorite salad dressing socks. If you forget, don’t worry, your child will remind and berate you for forgetting when they get home. Welcome back.”

Welcome back, indeed. Can we go back to the pool?

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