Because of Millennials, Coke Offers Paid Leave For All New Parents

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As a new parent (or parent-to-be) we’re guessing high up on your list of must-haves are: more sleep, more sleep and more time with your newborn. Good news: Coca-Cola hears you loud and clear. They recently conducted a study with its millennial employees and found that what this group wanted most was paid parental leave. Their new policy, effective Jan. 1, 2017, will offer six weeks of paid leave for all parents including moms, dads, foster parents and adoptive parents. So while the company can’t help with those extra zzz’s, they can give new parents more time to bond with their new additions, and that’s something worth celebrating.


Photo courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

“We think the most successful way to structure benefits to help working families is to make them gender-neutral and encourage both moms and dads to play an active role in their family lives,” said Ceree Eberly, Coca-Cola’s Chief People Officer in their new release.

Video courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

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