It’s April Fools Day, which means nothing can be trusted on the internet until the clock strikes midnight. If there’s one thing internet humor craves, it’s a good prank—and the web is rife with them today. Even though some of these internet hoaxes are too good to be true, honestly, we still kind of wish they were!

Don’t be fooled with our list of the best April Fools Day pranks on the web this year.

Talk to Your Plants with Google Tulip

This prank is perfect for springtime. According to the video above, a Dutch research university partnered with Google to discover how to talk to plants. Google Tulip is supposedly the company’s first venture into human-plant communication—and the results are pretty hilarious.


Pupbucks Is Starbucks—for Dogs

In a tweet, Starbucks announced its newest concept store, Pupbucks. “We see how much our customers love dogs, so we wanted to offer an experience just for them,” a weary but loyal barista explains in the video above.


IKEA Adds CBD-Infused Vegan Meatballs to Its Menu

While this prank didn’t come from IKEA itself, the execution by VegNews magazine is almost too convincing. Definitely had to do a double-take on this one to realize that nope, IKEA is not in fact, selling CBD-infused meatballs.


The Girl Scouts Are Building a Girl Scout Cookie Theme Park

According to a press release from Girl Scouts USA, America’s iconic Girl Scout Cookies will take on a new life with their very own theme park, called Girl Scout Galaxy, set to “open” in 2021. Rides include the Coconut Cruizer (a lazy river with floats shaped like Samoas), the Thin Mint Thrill-a-Coaster, the Trefoil Funhouse and Mission: Lemon Liftoff—where passengers blast off to outer space.


Honda Introduces New ’90s-Inspired “Pastport” Package

Break out your rollerblades and Hammer pants, because Honda has turned ’90s retro chic into a whole new style of its own. Dubbed the “Pastport” trim package, Honda transforms the interior of its Passport SUV with all of your faves from ’90s cars: digital clock, coin holder, a mount for your pager and even a sweet tape deck.


HelloFresh Now Offers a Unicorn Box

From licorice noodles to frosting-covered pizza, recipe-kit delivery service HelloFresh has served up one tasty-looking April Fools Day prank this year!


Shutterstock Has Opened a Brick-and-Mortar Library So You Can Browser Photos IRL

Stock image provider Shutterstock had a big announcement on Apr. 1, that it’s building the world’s largest library. Whether you’re looking for the perfect photo of happy millennials holding sparklers or portraits of disgruntled ostriches, Shutterstock’s new library will have whatever you need, in full, watermarked glory.

Halo Top Releases Edible Ice Cream Face Masks

Just sayin’, I’d pay real money for these. This is like a self-care winner right here for tired moms!


SodaStream Teamed Up with NASA to Recycle Burps Back into Soda

This particular April Fools Day prank has us definitely saying, “Excuse me?”


Fresh Direct Unveils Cauliflower Milk Called “Caulk”

To quote Mugatu from Zoolander: “Cauliflower…it’s so hot right now.”


Gender Reveal Mozzarella Sticks

To be fair, Farm Rich was probably inspired by this IRL gender reveal lasagna.


Mr. Potato Head Has Been Replaced with Mr. Avo Head

Hasbro has fired Mr. Potato Head and instead hired a new “hipster” replacement: an anthropomorphized avocado.


McDonald’s Now Offers Shake Sauces That Taste Like Milkshakes

Raise your hand if you dip your french fries in your milkshake? McDonald’s sees you—and knows what’s up.


Logitech Renames Wireless Mouse to “Hamster”

After seeing a petition online asking for a renaming of wireless mouse devices, computer peripheral maker Logitech has decided to go with a name that more accurately reflects these helpful tools: hamster! And honestly, it really does make more sense than wireless mouse.

Happy April Fools!

—Keiko Zoll

Featured photo: Courtesy of HelloFresh



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