Keiko Zoll

Keiko is a mom after donor egg IVF in May 2013 to an epic little boy. She lives north of Boston area with her husband, son and their two cats. Keiko keeps her Caboodle well-stocked with lip paints and foundation at all times, firmly believes that leggings are pants and is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma (despite its absence here). As Editor for Red Tricycle's Spoke Contributor Network, Keiko is a digital media and content creation evangelist and occasional Slack custom emoji enthusiast. She has worked in digital media since 2011 and has written for Romper, Disney Baby, Babble, HuffPo and Rewire, among other print and digital media. Keiko joined the Red Tricycle team as Content Marketing Copywriter and Editor in 2017. Find her on @keikozoll on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Articles by Keiko: