Pre-kids, you sported tired eyes like a badge of honor—they usually meant you’d been out late having fun night before. Now that you’re a parent, things have changed, and those dark circles and not-so-glowing skin could mean any number of things (sick kid, new baby, extra work, take your pick). Luckily, there are plenty of products that aim to help you look refreshed and bright-eyed, even if you didn’t get enough zzzs the night before. See our favorites below.

Liquid Green Oil, I-N

Rough day? I-N's Liquid Green facial oil is here to replenish. The lightweight product reduces redness, plumps and firms and gives you a radiant glow. The certified organic Intelli-Seed™ antioxidant oil helps to restore collagen and elastin production and is made of argan, blue tansy, açai and active essential oils. We love using this product both in the morning and night.

Buy it here, $85


Female-owned skincare and beauty line Karuna has arrived! Available at Whole Foods Market, the three-collection lineup offers beauty products that act in synergy with the body, utilizing the four principles of Ayurveda practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Adaptogens and Clinical Science. We love the brand because of its 11 creamy and revitalizing products that are free from parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and SLS/SLES and come in at an affordable price of $5-23 each. Shop what appears to be made-for-mom options like "Wake Up Eye Cream," "Illuminate Face Oil" and a "Drench Sheet Mask."

Buy it here and at your local Whole Foods Market, $5+ 

Malie Coffee Fruit Mask

In order to make your skin look bright and shiny like you’ve had a great night of sleep, go straight to the source and try a product made with coffee fruit. With more antioxidant power than any other fruit, it’ll do all sorts of good things like battle dull skin, (the anti-bacterial factors in Quinic Acid & Trigonelline are key), smooth out wrinkles and help to fade hyper pigmentation. It’s got a strong scent, but it’s because it’s made with 70% organic ingredients, instead of chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, and silicone, among others.

Buy it here, $55.

The Spa Dr. Glow Boost

Speaking of youthful, glowing skin, we found a hidden gem of a product for glowing skin. Part of a four-step skin regimen from The Spa Dr., it ’s the last thing you’ll apply before moisturizer, morning or night. It’s got a diverse blend of organic ingredients full of antioxidants such as pomegranate and raspberry seed oils, which help to smooth wrinkles overall, which means it’s perfect for dark circles and under-the-eye bags. Called “liquid gold” by devotees, we love that it doesn’t leave an oily residue after use and that it totally hydrates the skin. .

Buy it here, $79.99.

Revitalite Professional Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector

Revitalite Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector from Dermelect has a metal applicator that’s cool to the touch, which immediately helps to soothe puffy, tired eyes. It’s also full of light diffusing pigments, which help to conceal, lighten and brighten dark circles, and finally, the emollient textures help to infuse skin with moisture, which leaves the eye area feeling well rested.

Buy it here, $59.

Benefit's Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer

If you need serious under-eye coverage, Benefit's cult-classic concealer will do the trick. Simply swipe a small amount under eyes and softly blend outward. Boiing is offered in six colors, will stay on all day, and since you only need a tiny bit, will last you for months. 

Buy it here, $22. 

Osmosis Colour Navy Eye Pencil

Did you know using cool tones helps to reduce the look of redness? Yup, on those days when it’s obvious you didn’t get enough sleep, swap out your go-to black eyeliner with this navy color from Osmosis and it’ll brighten the whites of your eyes.

Buy it here, $25.

Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle and Energizing Eye Masks.

These eye masks will perk you right up like you’ve had a full eight hours. Formulated with collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acids, they help to revitalize that delicate area around the eyes. It’s been suggested to put them on in the morning, before starting the day. They are also cruelty-free, vegan and made with zero parabens.

Buy it here: $21.96 for 12 pairs.

DRMTLGY Age Reversal Eye Cream

This cream battles under-eye issues in two ways: it’s full of peptides, collagen to boost skin growth (read: refreshed-looking skin), and it’s got light-diffusing minerals that provide a solution to dark circles and puffiness on the spot. It has virtually no scent (it’s fragrance free), is light the touch, and it’s a great price.

Buy it here, $52.

Honey Belle Eye Crème

This natural product is made with evening primrose oil, white willow and jojoba oil, all things that help relieve the puffiness and inflammation that can occur under eyes when you haven’t slept enough, drank enough water, or gotten enough exercise (all things that make your skin look as tired as you feel!). It has a creamy texture, and you can even use it under concealer, to help with hydration and creasing.

Buy it here, $18.

basq NYC Bright Eyes Cucumber Tea Eye Gel

Ahh, cucumber circles, it’s one of the first things you think about when thinking about classic eye treatments. Here’s the good news—we found an eye gel that’s cool to the touch, and full of antioxidants, which means it’s perfect for both as night time deep treatment and morning eye opener. Plus, All basq NYC products are safe for pregnant and nursing mamas, yay!

Buy it here, $24.

Hard Candy Instant Eye Fix

Sometimes, you just need a product that’ll work instantly. This under-eye treatment will brighten tired skin and de-puff skin. It’s also slightly tint, which helps to cover any dark areas.

Buy it here, $6.

FarmHouse Fresh Wine Down Serum

Have a glass of antioxidants to “wine” down at night. This serum is perfect for overnight treatments—after even just a couple of hours, the compounds from various veggies and fruits (including Texas grapes!) help to shrink pores, and the clinically-test added peptides help to make under-eye circles appear lightened.

Buy it here, $56.

2nd KIND Ground Coffee + Cocoa Face Mask

You drink coffee to wake up, why not add it to your beauty regimine, too? This exfoliating mask wakes skin up by fighting free radicals, increasing circulation and cleansing skin for a fresh feeling.

Buy it here, $19.

Be Well Company Probiotic Facial Toner

You know probiotics help your body on the inside, but did you know they can make you look better on the outside, too? Made with rose water unique organic cold pressed live probiotic kombucha cultures, it helps to minimize dark spots, and has anti-inflammatory ingredients too. You can use it all day long, so it’s a perfect refresher while you’re on the go. Best part? You can choose your natural scent. It comes in rose, lavender and jasmine.

Buy it here, $48.99.

— Gabby Cullen

featured image: Mattheus Ferrero via Unsplash 

All images courtesy retailers.



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