5 Reasons You’re Exhausted (Besides Parenthood)

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You may not have known the true meaning of the word “tired” until you became a parent, but the truth is, there are plenty of other non-kid related reasons why those dark circles are forming under your eyes. Keep reading to discover a few of the reasons (other than staying up all night with a teething baby) that are making you exhausted.

Not drinking enough water
As a mom, your daily liquid in-take probably consists of a gallon of coffee and the occasional witching-hour glass of wine, but are you getting enough of good old H2O? Not drinking your daily allowance of water can leave you dehydrated, which can quickly sap your energy.

Skipping breakfast
In the mad dash to get out the door in the morning, you somehow manage to get your half-asleep kids to eat . . . but what about you? Missing that all-important meal of the day, which refuels you after a long night of literally sleeping like a baby, can leave you feeling exhausted.

Bringing your phone to bed
At the end of a long day chasing the kids, every mom just wants a few minutes to unwind, kick her feet up, and of course, check Facebook. But if you’re using your phone as you settle into bed at night, it could be affecting your sleep. Studies have shown that spending time staring at your brightly-lit phone just before bed can affect your body’s natural production of melatonin, which helps you fall asleep.

Avoiding exercise
Chasing your toddler up and down the aisles at Target might put steps on your FitBit, but unless you’re getting 20 minutes of steady, heart-rate elevating, cardiovascular exercise, you might feel more sluggish. Yes, that’s right, exercising can actually leave you feeling less tired and more energized.

Taking on too much
Balancing work life and parenthood is tough enough, but when you pile on extras, like volunteering to bake three dozen cookies for the school bake sale, or sewing all the costumes for your kid’s spring play, you can be adding too much stress and pressure. Stress can cause fatigue, and make it even harder to fall sleep, despite being exhausted. Try to prioritize and remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything.

What are some changes you’ve made to manage exhaustion. Share your secrets with our tired readers in the comments!

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