Raising a reader starts with a love of books at a young age. Whether your kiddo likes action-packed stories or feel-good tales, 2022 is dropping a story for everyone. Our curated list of the best preschool books the year has to offer (so far) will open up a whole new world for your little one.

When Your Daddy's a Soldier


This sweet story is as moving as watching soldier return videos. Capturing the life of children while their father is deployed, Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan's tale shows the raw emotions and challenge military families face. Ages: 3-7

Dragonboy and the Wonderful Night


Dragonboy, Yellow Kitty, Darwin, Drako, and Simon are back in this follow-up tale. This time, the gang is headed out on a nighttime adventure. While some noises might be scary, the friends learn they can be brave so long as they have each other. Ages: 4-6

Good night little bookstore is a preschool book

Good Night, Little Bookstore


Goodnight bookshelves, goodnight stacks. Perfect for bedtime, get ready to lay down and say goodnight to everything and everyone in the Little Bookstore. Ages: 2-5

All Are Neighbors


Being the new kid is hard, but when you live in a community where everyone is a neighbor, what a happy place to be! Everyone knows they belong, but it's up to everyone to take care of their space and love each other in this all-inclusive story by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman. Ages: 4-6

Nervous Nigel


Nigel is one in a big family of competitors. While he loves swimming, he has no interest in racing or going head to head with anyone. When his family signs him up for a competition, Nigel tries his best to go along. But when he gets too nervous, will he be able to tell his family? Ages: 3-7

My Day In The Park


Packed with 14 destinations, Marta Orzel's picture book about a day in the park is fantastic fun. Each spot boasts a colorful scene and adjacent people, animals and objects to help boost your young reader's vocab. Ages: 3-6



Pack your bags, we're headed to the Bearport! This adorable book is perfect for little travelers taking flight for the first time. It's told with rhythmic prose and sweet illustrations by Deborah Underwood and Same Wedelich. Ages: 2-5

Pineapple Princess


Perfect for little readers with big emotions, our main character knows she's meant for more. So she does what every princess would do: finds a crown and wears it proudly. But when her loyal subjects start to defect, her reign and her pineapple quickly follow. Ages: 4-8

Hot Dog


It's just too hot for this little pup. Too loud, too many feet and no space to run. Luckily, his owner is here to save the day and head to the shore. Perfect for taking a break from your own day, Doug Salati's book is quick and delightful read, especially for Doxie lovers. Ages: 4-8

Everywhere with You


Based on a true story, Carlie Sorosiak's new book is a sweet tale on a special relationship between a girl and dog. Through flights of imagination and stunning illustrations by Devon Holzwarth, everyone will get lost in this moving story. Ages: 4-8

Tisha and the Blossoms


Tisha loves to explore but she's always being rushed. One day, she can't take it anymore and just wants to slow down to smell the flowers, count the birds and enjoy a picnic. Written by Wendy Meddour and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus, this beautifully written tale of mindfulness is a breath of fresh air. Ages: 2-5

This Book Is Not for You!


Stanley loves the bookmobile. That is, until the old man won't lend him a book because it's about a girl, or a robot or a boat. New York Times Bestselling author Shannon Hale teams up with illustrator Tracy Subisak on a story about expanding your horizons through reading and letting your imagination run wild. Ages: 3-7

Joy Ride


Joy is the embodiment of the word: she finds the good in most every situation. After a fun summer project with her granddad repairing an old bike, she sets off on the ultimate joy ride––only to be made fun of. Then Joy isn't so joyful. Author Sherry Rinker and Illustrator Ana Gonzalez come together for a story that is all about big emotions and resilience. Ages: 4-8

Sometimes, All I Need Is Me


Juliana Perdomo's debut as author-illustrator brings a story of a young girl's mindfulness and resilience. Our young protagonist loves being outside and trying new things, but when it becomes scary or difficult, she doesn't hesitate to practice self-care to feel better. Ages: 2-5

Bailey and Blanket


A child and a blanket have a special relationship, and that's especially true for little Bailey. They do everything together, until one day a dog tears Blanket to pieces. A sweet story about growing up, Emily House's tale is one of resilience and love. Ages: 3-7

I Really Want to Be First!


Waiting your turn, or always being last, is hard. That's why Really Bird has decided he really wants to be first today. As he takes on the role, author Harriet Ziefert explores the ideas of problem-solving and friendship, watching Really Bird learn that being a leader isn't just about being first. Ages: 3+

A Good Place


Four insect pals want to find a new home to live together, but it's hard to find a good place! Told with vibrant illustrations and simple prose, Lucy Cousins' new book is great for little learners who have a passion for bugs and the environment. Ages: 3-7

Good Job, George!


George is a big boy. He takes care of his dog Pogo, shares at the playground and puts on his own socks and shoes. One day, George even gets to help his parents paint! But then Pogo gets both of them in a little bit of trouble––will his parents still think he did a good job? Written by bestselling author Jane O'Connor, this fun story is all about growing up. Ages: 3-6

Everything Will Be Ok


Beloved children's author Ana Dewdney's words emanate in this beautifully illustrated book by friend, Judy Schachner. Whether it's navigating the pandemic or just a bad day, everything will be ok, as little Bunny learns. Ages: 2-5

The Monster in the Bathhouse


Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Nowruz (Persian New Year), but is a monster trying to ruin it all? Someone has broken the pumices, torn the loofahs and is making a ton of noise! Sina Merabian's fun take on a Div is not so scary in this cute picture book. Ages:5+



Mina and her father lead a quiet life. That is, until he brings home a CAT and as a mouse, Mina isn't sure this is the best idea. Matthew Forsythe's beautifully written and illustrated tale addresses worry, loyalty and trust in this emotional book. Ages: 4-8

Love is for Roaring


Everyone needs love but we all don't enjoy hugs and kisses. Mike Kerr's sweet tale shares how there are many different ways to show love, paired with New York Times bestselling illustrator Renata Liwska. Ages: 4-5

Roto and Roy: Helicopter Heroes


Sherri Duskey Rinker, author of "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" is bringing a new batch of lovable characters. Roto is Roy's trusty helicopter side kick who is ready to swoop in at a moment's notice. Join their adventures when the two head out to fight a huge fire in this inspiring tale illustrated by Don Tate. Ages: 4-5

The Think-Ups


No one likes to be bored and that's why sisters Anna and Kiki need to come up with something to keep them entertained on a rainy day. Written and illustrated by Claire Alexander, follow along as the girls use the power of their imagination and tap into their inner love of animals. Ages: 3-7

Ear Worm!


It's happened to all of us: a song that we just can't get out of our heads! When Little Worm finds that he can't stop singing "shimmy shimmy, no sashay" he sets off to find out who put the song in his noggin. Fun typesetting and vintage looking illustrations by Galia Bernstein make this story by Jo Knowles fun for the whole family. Ages: 2-5

Ready for the Spotlight


Tessie has been doing ballet for a WHOLE month, so why is her big sister Maya getting all the credit? Jamie King's true and hilarious story touches on sibling rivalry, sharing and how important it is to support one another. Ages: 4-8

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