April showers (and stay-at-home orders) bring more days to curl up with a book. Whether you’re looking to refresh your kid’s library or give them some inspiration, books are always the perfect escape. These walls can’t hold your imagination! Here are our favorite new kids for books coming out this month.

Be Curious!

Cartwheel Books

The illustrations are pretty enough to frame and hang on a wall, but the lift-a-flap format and simple, rhyming text take home the trophy in this delightful book that's all about crafting curiosity. You'll follow one cool cat along on a sensory journey with adorable animal pals, and we have a feeling you'll be taking this journey multiple times each day. 

Ages: 0-3

Buy it here: $9.99

Nana's Garden

Clever Family Stories

Nana's garden is a special place with lots of colors, flowers and creatures. Little learners will learn to count to five, learn colors and go on a magical adventure––all while spending the day with grandparents.

Ages: 2-4

Get it here, $8.99

Don't Worry, Little Crab


This brightly illustrated book about trying something new...and trust might be set in the big wide ocean, but any kid will recognize the idea of courage and love told within. Author-illustrator Chris Haughton's iconic style will fast become one of a collection. Join Little Crab as he ventures out with his mom beyond the tide pool. 

Ages: 3-5

Order it here

Baby Clown

Candlewick Press

Geisel Honor Winner Kara LeReau teamed up with Caldecott Medal winning illustrator Matthew Cordell to introduce readers to "the newest star in the circus: Baby Clown!" Frieda and Boffo clown's little make-up ready clown is adorable, but he's also not very happy. Laugh out loud as Baby Clown cries his way through the circus acts, diaper changes, feedings and nap. As any parent can attest, though, the show must go on. Find out how on Apr. 14. 

Ages: 3-7

Find it here. $16.99 

Kit and Kaboodle Go Camping: Highlights Puzzle Readers

Highlights Press

Highlights new Puzzle Readers pair the iconic seek and find activities from the publication with new, age-appropriate leveled reader books. The new series offers original stories and engaging puzzles that will get littles excited to read. With two new books for both level one and level two readers, your budding learning will have plenty of content to keep them engaged.

Get it here, $4.99

The Elephants’ Guide to Hide-and-Seek

Playful illustrations by Gladys Jose bring to life this sincere guide, put out by the Elephant Hobby and Sport League, aimed at helping elephants who haven’t mastered the art of hide-and-seek…yet. But with these helpful tips, our oversized friends will soon be hiding behind trees, under tables and in closets with the best of them.

Ages: 4-8

Get yours here. $17.99

Madame Badobedah

Walker Books

An imagination is a wild thing; and sometimes it gets the best of even the youngest among us. In this tale by Sophie Dahl, little Mable thinks the worst of the newest guest at the Mermaid Hotel. Madame Badobedah leaves a lasting impression in this adventurous romp you'll want to read over-and-over. 

Ages: 5-8 

Buy it here: $18.99

Let’s Dance

David Bowie fans (who isn’t?!) will love being able to add this brand-new picture book to their kids’ collection. An illustrated sweet adaptation of his iconic song, “Let’s Dance,” parents and kids alike will have their toes tapping in no time. 

Ages: 4-8

Buy it here, $17.99.

The Cat Man of Aleppo

The true story of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, a man who, in the midst of the on-going Syrian civil war, managed to find and offer safe haven to dozens and dozens of abandoned pet cats. A somber but important book that offers kids’ a glance at the effects of war, this inspiring tale is accompanied by wonderful illustrations. 

Ages: 4-8  

Order it here, $17.99.

The Llamacorn Cookbook

Gibbs Smith

Perfect for budding bakers, The Llamacorn Cookbook's bright photos and easy recipes will inspire everyone. The 96-page book shares 45 recipes, many of which use store bought items to make cooking easy and fun––especially for parents. Kiddos can whip up Llamacorn's Meringue Cookies, Enchanged Unicorn Horns and Lah-Tee-Dah Pink Limeade and plenty more whimsical treats.

Ages: 5+

Get it here, $14.97

The Book of Cultures

While this book is technically a Kickstarter campaign (ends April 19), we just had to share. A beautiful collection of 30 stories about kids from all over the world, it includes fun facts and activities that help bring each culture to life. Available now for pre-order, books will be shipped in November—which makes this a perfect holiday gift. 

Ages: 4 & up

Pre-order it here, $25. 

Seek & Find Biomes

Gibbs Smith

A seek and find book with a beautifully simplistic and minimal approach, Jorrien Peterson's new work is a can't miss. Kids will learn about nine unique biomes (naturally occurring communities), what makes them special, be challenged to find specific flora and fauna and answer a question at the end of each "lesson."

Ages: 4-10

Find it here, $13.59

William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Candlewick Press

The Bard's story is anything but winded with this beautiful retelling by Georghia Ellinas, illustrated by Jane Ray. Travel with Ariel, the spirit of the air, back to Naples, Italy to a mystical library full of books of magic. Discover the adventures of Prospero, at the mercy of his jealous brother, and his baby daughter Miranda. This wonderful version will give adults new insight into the play as well! 

Ages: 6-9

Find it here on Apr. 7, $17.99


Bones: An Inside Look at the Animal Kingdom

Big Picture Press/Penguin Random House

Not your average reference book, author Jules Howard presents a thorough investigation of the wonder of bones in this hardcover volume with insanely-amazing illustrations by Chervelle Fryer, who manages to be both scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Seriously, you'll wish you could frame this whole book. The added bonus? Kids will learn all about bones and skeletons, from horses to flying foxes to penguins. The book is arranged by "type" of animal: jumping, flying, running, swimming, etc. A must-buy for any kid's reference library. 

Ages: 7-10

Buy it now (available Apr. 7) here, $19.99

My Pet Slime: Cosmo to the Rescue (Book 2)

Epic Originals

Think slime is just for sticking to stuff? What if your slime actually was alive, friendly and basically a mystery-solving, semi-hero sidekick? That's exactly what Piper has: magical slime named Cosmo that came to life thanks to some spacedust. Cool, right?? In this second adventure in the series, Piper and Cosmo are on a mission to find her missing (space-exploring) Grandma! Book includes a new slime recipe and fun STEM facts. 

Ages: 6-9

Find it here. $12.99

Ways to Make Sunshine

Bloombury Children's Books

Ramona Quimby gets a modern update with Ryan Hart and her middle-class family. Newberry Honor and Coretta Scott King Author Award winner Renée Watson starts a new chapter book series for budding readers with Ways to Make Sunshine. The intro novel follows Ryan as she navigates family that includes her dad finding a job after a long period of unemployment, school and self-image. No matter what she faces, Ryan knows how to make sunshine out of any situation.

Ages: 7-10

Get it here, $9.86

The Space Between Lost and Found

Bloomsbury Children's Books

Sandy Stark-McGinnis' second middle school novel offers a hopeful yet heart wrenching story of a young girl dealing with her mother's early onset Alzheimer's diagnosis. Cassie and her dad are handling all the new changes quite well until Mom forgets Cassie's name, and she struggles to stay connected to friends and her art. Tough topics abound in this middle grade story that follows Cassie as she decides to break one of her dad's rules to make her mom happy.

Ages: 8-11

Get it here, $16.99

Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw: The Friend Thief Book 2

Epic Originals

Head back to Nottingham Elementary for another adventure! Robin is happy to be "back together" with her BFF after "winning" her back from the schoolyard bully, Nadia. But Nadia starts to win over the other kids including Robin's bestie. The second book in this Robin Hood inspired series, find the first one here. Written by Gina Loveless, illustrated by Andrea Bell. 

Ages: 8-12

Get it here. $13.99

Dog Man: Grime & Punishment (#9)

Dav Pilkey's latest in the Dog Man series is full of laughs, as per usual. This time, Dog Man turns in his badge and resigns his post. Will he get back on the force? Read it to find out! 

Get it now, $6.99

featured image: nappy via Pexels 



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