Looking for a new take on Taco Tuesday? Try Cuban food! While just as flavorful as Mexican food, Cuban food recipes are often less spicy and not as fried, making it the perfect cuisine to try with kids. Discover your favorite from our collection of everything from the traditional Cuban sandwich and black beans to the perfect Medianoche bread recipe.

Cuban Medianoche Bread

Medianoche Bread Cuban food recipe
Hostess at Heart

Can you make a Cuban sandwich without medianoche bread? You can, but with this easy recipe from Hostess at Heart, you shouldn't! With simple ingredients and novice baking skills required, you'll be whipping up Cubanos in no time.

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja is a classic Cuban food recipe
The Daring Gourmet

The Daring Gourmet's Ropa Vieja recipe is so easy, that it will quickly become a part of your menu rotation. Made with flank steak, veggies, and lots of fragrant spices, this traditional shredded beef dish easily pairs with rice and beans—things even picky eaters like! Dinner is served.

Cuban Sandwich

The Cubano is a famous Cuban food recipe
Marta Rivera

Remember that medianoche bread? It's time to whip up that Cubano sandwich now! This Cuban food recipe from Simply Recipes pairs traditional ingredients like pork, ham, cheese, and pickles into a hearty sandwich that is beyond filling.

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Magnolia Days

Cuban stuffed roast is the stuff of holiday dinners. While it is a labor of love, this savory roast stuffed with chorizo, olives, and garlic is even harder to pass up once it's covered in gravy. Your little meat-eaters will have no problem eating this up! Get the recipe from Magnolia Days

Cuban Black Beans

Black beans are part of this classic Cuban food recipe.
A Couple Cooks

Whether you use dried or canned beans, you can still make authentic Cuban beans in a flash. Ingredients like green pepper and onions come together in this recipe from A Couple Cooks to create an easy side dish or main meal that easily pairs with rice.

Cuban Beef Picadillo

A Spicy Perspective

Ground beef with cinnamon and raisins? Toss in green olives and you've got Beef Picadillo! This simple recipe from A Spicy Perspective makes dinnertime adventurous and quick. Serve with rice or in taco shells, and everyone is on their way to full tummies.

Flan de Leche

A good cuban food recipe is flan
Max Griss via Unsplash

You've had flan, but have you had Cuban Flan de Leche? The ultra-creamy dessert is made with condensed and evaporated milk and finished with a creme brûlée topping. We love Bacon is Magic's recipe, which is easy and quick.

Arroz con Leche

Coco & Ash

Condensed milk is back in this creamy and traditional Arroz con Leche recipe. Cuban rice pudding is made with simple ingredients and just a little attention. This recipe from Coco & Ash walks you through the super kid-friendly dessert in just an hour.


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