With so many countries making up the Middle East, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding a great recipe. Middle Eastern food is savory and often includes basics like rice, fresh vegetables, honey, pita and roasted meat, making meals very kid-friendly. Keep scrolling to see easy recipes for everything from Israeli Salad and Shakshuka to Turkish Delight.

Za'atar Chicken & Veggie Kabobs

Gimme Some Oven

Zesty and healthy, these chicken and veggie kabobs from Gimme Some Oven will appeal to picky eaters. Middle Eastern za'atar seasoning makes it extra flavorful and pairs simply with rice and pita.

Israeli Salad

Chelsea's Messy Apron

Light and refreshing, Chelsea's Messy Apron Israeli Salad is low on stress but big on taste. Cucumber, tomato and onion are the main ingredients that make this the perfect side salad or even a topping for a kabob!

Beef Kafta

Feel Good Foodie

You only need four ingredients to get this Lebanese-style Beef Kafta going! Feel Good Foodie's easy recipe can be made on a grill pan or BBQ and pairs with almost any side.

Middle Eastern Chicken Meatballs

Fufu's Kitchen

Trying to cut down on red meat? This recipe for Middle Eastern Chicken Meatballs from Fufu's Kitchen is perfect! It uses za'atar seasonings in addition to other delightful flavors and bakes in just 20 minutes.

Turkish Gozleme

Give Recipe

Turkish gozleme is a cheese and spinach stuffed bread that is irresistible. The traditional street food can be yours by following Give Recipe, which uses a super easy dough recipe that's then packed with a savory filling and fried.

Koobideh Kabob

Family Spice

A labor of love, Persian Ground Beef Kabobs can quickly become a meat staple. This recipe from Family Spice only uses three ingredients that are combined and roasted over an open flame. There's even a quicker option for the stove!


Food Fanatic

Great for breakfast or dinner, Shakshuka combines eggs, tomatoes and lots of tasty seasonings. The whole thing is ready in less than 30 minutes, a win when it comes to mealtime! Check out this simple recipe by heading to Food Fanatic.

Turkish Pide

Scrambled Chefs

Dough, meat and tiny vegetables? Yes, please! Scrambled Chef's recipe for Turkish Pide is like a sauceless-pizza, and is totally customizable to meet your picky eater's palate.

Mujadara Lentils and Rice

A Spicy Perspective

Lebanese rice is a great option for vegetarians. Packed with lentils, rice and spices, A Spicy Perspective's recipe works great for meal prep and sneaking in some heart-healthy foods. 

Chicken Shawarma

Food Fanatic

Chicken Shawarma was popular way before it made that famous appearance on The Avengers. The marinated chicken is wrapped in a pita with onions, cucumbers and more that is easily enjoyed on the go.

Chicken Lemon Rice Soup

Family Spice

Great for any time of year, this creamy chicken lemon rice soup is actually a quick weeknight dinner. Family Spice shares a simple recipe involving chicken, rice and seasonings that would pair great with a side of bread.


Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum's lentil falafel only needs five ingredients and there's no frying involved. This mess-free recipe has a spicy kick that goes great with hummus and pita.


Give Recipe

This dessert is all about fried dough and a lemon syrup and it sounds delish. While it does take some prep work, the churro-like dessert is topped with pistachio for the perfect sweet treat. Get the instructions over at Give Recipe.

Turkish Delight

Give Recipe

Hasn't everyone wanted to try Turkish Delight? Now you can thanks to Give Recipe! Made with ingredients you likely have at home, this traditional dessert can be customized with flavor and color to make it even more fun for kids.

––Karly Wood

Feature image: Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash 



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