Kids will love the German Spaetzle!

German cuisine is some of the world’s best comfort food, and you don’t have to travel halfway across the globe to enjoy it. From pancakes and potato salad to schnitzel and goulash, you can whip up some of the country’s finest dishes with just a few easy German food recipes.


Chicken Schnitzel is a classic German food recipe.
Curious Cuisiniere

Get this easy Chicken Schnitzel on the table in no time thanks to Curious Cuisiniére's recipe! This thin-sliced chicken recipe cooks quickly and is easily served with traditional German sides, or with your fave veggies, too.


Hey Grill Hey

While you likely don't have a Schwenker lying around your backyard, you can still grill up these delicious German pork chops. These flavorful, marinated chops from Hey Grill Hey are a great way to spice up your weekend BBQ.


The Daring Gourmet

Speaking of the perfect side dish, why not some German bread dumplings? Even better, this German food recipe uses old, hardened bread so you don't have to rush through that loaf of bread in the pantry. Head to Daring Gourmet to get the details. This also freezes well for those last-minute weeknight dinners!

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German Goulash

German Goulash is a classic German food recipe.
Recipes from Europe

When the weather gets cold, it's German Goulash to the rescue. This hearty stew from Recipes from Europe uses lots of meat, celery, and carrots and is served alongside filling spaetzle. Did we mention it's also great for leftovers?

German Spaetzle

Spaetzle is a classic German food recipe
House of Nash Eats

Did someone say Spaetzle? This perfect side is made from a sticky dough that is pushed through a special tool into boiling water. The result? Perfect egg noodle-like goodness! You can get the easy German food recipe over at House of Nash Eats.

Don't have a Spaetzle maker? Grab one here for $12!

German Potato Salad

a classic German food recipe
Carlsbad Cravings

German potato salad is served hot and packs a punch of flavor. Carlsbad Cravings' recipe involved tangy vinegar, mustard, and crunchy bacon that all come together to make the most delicious side dish.


Scrambled Chefs

Mix up your beef night with this mustard-y, pickle-y stuffed dish! Did we also mention there's bacon inside? Scrambled Chefs' recipe makes for a tasty dish that's made even better with a zesty gravy that goes great with potatoes.


Bratkartoffeln is a classic German food recipe
Wicked Spatula

Crispy German pan-fried potatoes? Yes, please! Made with green onions and bacon, we think this recipe from Wicked Spatula works for dinner or even as a great addition to your morning scrambled eggs.

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German Pancakes

Good Dinner Mom

Less dense and more crispy than American-style flapjacks, these German pancakes from Good Dinner Mom take the cake. They whip up in 10 minutes and can be enjoyed flat, rolled like a crepe, and with as much fruit and syrup as you like.


The View from Great Island

Iced German cookies are the stuff holidays are made of! Fun to say and even more delicious to eat, these aromatic cookies contain goodies like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves that are the essence of the season. Be sure to snag the recipe from The View From Great Island!

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Also the Crumbs Please

Oh, hello rich and chocolatey Black Forest cake! This traditional German dessert uses dutch-processed cocoa and sour cherries, alongside fluffy homemade whipped cream. Want to make it for yourself? Head to Also the Crumbs Please for a detailed list of instructions.







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