Got a Picky Eater at Home? These Books Will Help

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If you’re like most parents, at some point in your kiddo’s life you will probably count the number of things your kids will eat on one hand. We have some inspo to get them thinking about food in a whole new way–no cooking required! Keep reading for food-themed book recommendations that touch on not only why trying new foods is fun, but teach about culture, creativity, self-esteem and more.

Yummy Yucky

This book features bright illustrations of an expressive toddler comically acting out what foods (and non-foods, like worms!) are yummy vs yucky.

Ages: 1-3

Find it here, $5.59


Teddy Spaghetti

Teddy REALLY loves spaghetti! While enjoying his favorite meal at school one day, a bully picks on him with the nickname “Teddy Spaghetti!” Will Teddy give up what he loves most to fit in? This lively book with a stand-out main character shares an important message that will inspire your kids to stand up for themselves and the things they love.

Ages: 4-8

Get it here, $18.99

Mr. Cookie Baker

This books takes kids behind-the-scenes of a bakery, following along as Mr. Cookie Baker measures, mixes, bakes, and decorates his treats! 

Ages: 2-5

Get it here, $5.29 

The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog

It’s a battle of the birds! Pigeon finds a delicious hot dog and can’t wait to devour it until a sneaky and very hungry little duckling creeps up on him. Will he share or keep it for himself?

Ages 2-5

Find it here, $11.89

Dragons Love Tacos

Just as the title suggests, dragons love tacos, but who doesn’t? A taco party for dragons goes terribly wrong when the young host makes the grave mistake of serving them…gulp..spicy salsa!

Ages: 3-8

Get it here, $9.50

Bread and Jam for Frances

Picky eaters and their parents will certainly relate to this book. Bread and jam are all Frances will eat. Her parents grant her wish to only eat bread and jam morning, noon, and night. Too much of good thing? You bet.

Ages: 3-8

Get it here, $5.99 

Everybody Cooks Rice

Carrie goes to the neighbor’s houses at dinner time, looking for her brother. As she goes door-to door, she learns that even though they come from all over the world they have something in common, as each family makes rice at dinner just like her own.

Ages: 5-9

Get it here, $6.99

This story is sponsored by Harper Collins Children’s Books and the new book Teddy Spaghetti. Written by Dorothea Benton Frank, and her daughter, Victoria Benton Frank, Teddy Spaghetti is a powerful (and scrumptious) story about a standout kid who learns to stick up for himself and the things he loves.

You can purchase your copy here.