Best Mom (And Dad!) Blogs of the Big Apple

Parenting is challenge enough even before you include the rigors of living in the most bustling, oft unforgiving and biggest city in the United States. New York City may very well have been the birthplace of the woman who does it all, and now these moms are making it known. Whether you seek practical tips or just an empowering story for an exhausting and sanity-imperiling day, the bites for best mom blogs of the Big Apple have got you covered.

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Role Mommy
“One dream at a time” is the motto of this online community for busy moms attempting to do it all, day by day. Role Mommy smartly reminds that supporting the dreams of your children does not mean forgetting your own, and they have all the advice and knowledge to keep you on that track of super mom, and super successful.

Foodie City Mom
The foods of New York are yours to experience from any coast. Mother of two Kimberly Coleman brings you her fave food experiences from street to restaurant, and her own awesome recipes to boot.

Reality Fashion TV
From Herve Ledger to Forever 21, Yakini Etheridge shows you how to make high fashion a real steal. Coming at your closet with the expertise of being a former beauty pageant participant, psychologist, media personality and mom, she truly has all the tips you’ll ever need.

If Cosmopolitan Magazine calls her Wonder Woman you know it must be true. Out and about in NYC, Jill Seiman is a wife, mother and owner of her own media and special events company. Not only can she tell you what to wear she can tell you just where to go, too.

Dancing Hot Dogs
Whether you’re looking for movie reviews, recaps on PR and media events like a sweet Star Wars Tooth Brush launch event (we wish we could’ve attended that one!), or reliable product reviews, Divina and her husband, Eddy’s blog is a one stop shop for everything fun, entertaining and informative.

Dagmar’s Momsense
If you’re looking for a visually inspiring blog then you must visit Dagmar’s Momsense. Chock full of amazing photos of her family, Dagmar (a German-native turned Westchester mama) provides tips for other moms and dads ranging from frugal living (hello, coupons!) to breastfeeding, natural birth and our personal fave, tips on interior design and DIY crafts.

Gay NYC Dad
Gay NYC Dad is a blog run by well, a gay NYC dad. But don’t get ahead of yourself and make any assumptions about his blog (or him for that matter). Gay NYC Dad is a great destination if you’re looking to score a giveaway, and he also has some pretty awesome parenting and entertainment stories to boot.

Married My Sugar Daddy
Based on her experience of love and marriage to a man fifteen years ahead of her game, Melissa Chapman’s self-effacing humor and very insightful information will keep you coming back. Also check out Project Marriage, links and tips to keep you falling in love all over again.

NY City Mama
Far more than a list about life or things to do, this first-hand blogger Mom sees it, lives it, tells you the truth and takes photos too.

From shoe mishaps to PTA fundraising, journalistic integrity to Lego’s top ten movie moments, Beccarama tackles all. Rebecca Levey has an opinion and an experience to share and you don’t want to miss it.

From Hip to Housewife
Nancy Friedman is the woman you immediately love and must befriend. This mother of twins and 20 year media writing veteran has a page that’ll make you laugh aloud at every other sentence, and when you leave the computer chair after reading you’ll feel you just received a big warm hug.

Coast to Coast Mom
From Silicon Valley to New Jersey, this mom has literally parented across the United States. A bonus of this blog: this former technology pro often writes about what’s new in electronic entertainment so you can read the scoop, whether you’re the parent or significant other of a techie, or if you eat it up yourself.

Selfish Mom
Sarcastic like it’s going out of style, this cuttingly hilarious blog presents the truth of life so frankly, it’ll make you squirm while you just can’t stop reading on and laughing.

Motherhood in NYC
This self-described provider of fantastic and life-saving advice is truly not tooting her own horn, whether she’s talking about  an imperative parenting tip or a recap of U.S Weekly that gets you to slow down for a minute and laugh. You’ll also love her I’m right, you’re wrong! page, a very funny and very novel attempt at resolving family and friend disputes through internet audience consideration and commentary.

Culture Mom
Founded on the principle that motherhood is not a constraint but an opportunity to expand and share your passions with the little one you love most, Culture Mom is the answer for ladies who love the adventure of motherhood and recognize the value of carrying on and deepening her individual interests too.

Veep Veep
Promising to be a New Yorker who won’t bite, this statuesque mother of four shares all her best life tales with an array of great photos to illustrate her adventures.

Queens Mamas
All things Queens are are at your fingertips with this savvy and convenient local online community. Personalized neighborhood business information is a great plus of the page; every click supports local entrepreneurs and their families.

Lady and the Blog
Chock full of photos and even videos too, this lovely mother of two lets you in on everything from impeccable product reviews for moms and kids to her half-hearted attempts to avoid minivan ownership.

Mom Generations
This blog is brilliant. Audrey, Sharon and Jane, three sharp-as-a-tack women of different ages and backgrounds, team up to bring you diverse insights on life, love, fashion, children and grandchildren too.

Mommy in the City
Eloquent, real and compassionate, Lauren Jimenson shares her stories of relocating from Florida to New York, not to mention what is probably the most stunning and lovely “new mom” photos you’ve ever seen.

Raising Three Savvy Ladies
Aspiring to raise her three girls well, this awesome mom seeks to lead by example with healthful eating ideas, money smarts, ecological innovations and fashion.

Tough Cookie Mommy
Anyone who spends a decade as a middle school teacher knows what exhaustion, devotion and compassion are all about. Raised in Spain, triumphing in NYC, wife and mother of two boys, Maria will tell it like it is and that is precisely why you must read on.

The Mama Maven
Former Food Network producer, elementary school teacher and mother of three, Nancy Horn, has a serious knack for baby and kids product reviews, and five years of experience to prove it.

Your Single Parenting
This site is a Godsend for anyone who is making it all happen for their family, and then some, on their own. Practical topics such as healthcare, finances and childcare are at your fingertips, and a list of famous single parent alumni bring hope and strength to the end of an exhausted day. Michael Phelps and Barack Obama raised by single parents? You better believe it.

Ofelia NJ
Mother and daughter duo Ofelia and Lesli bring you the flavor of NYC with the flair of Caribbean heritage. For a quick peek at the world of practical tips you’ll be receiving, check out this awesome info on kitchen organization made easy.

New York Chica
A blog with a tab devoted to gratitude and venting is the mark of a balanced mom whose learned to take it all in stride. Lisa Perez’s upbeat attitude makes every trip to her blog like a lunch date with your most optimistic girlfriend. Also, she welcomes product review offers, so shoot her an email.

The Next Kid Thing
Gadgets, gear and goodies, oh my! The source for all things kid, this comprehensive page has reviews on every item under the sun, from car seats to concerts. Jen’s friendly blog lets you know she’s tried it all and gone through the same questions and frustrations as you on the way, too.

Mom Trends
From food & health to celebrity parenting to Spring fashion trend alerts, Nicole Feliciano’s site is a one stop shop for all moms could ever need or want in a day.

Squashed Mom
As as an older mom caring for both older parents and parenting two young boys, Varda found herself feeling like the contents of a life sandwich: squashed in the middle in those most lovely of ways. Her hardworking and loving attitude flows throughout the entirety of her blog and is an inspiration with each entry.

Love That Max
Parenting two amazing kids, one with special needs, mom Ellen Seidman reminds everyone to praise their children’s progress….and make time to think about and applaud their own, too. Wise words, Ellen.

Mommy Shorts
Colorful and entertaining, Ilana Wiles’ witty and anecdotes about her life with a daddy’s little girl are as endearing as they are impossible to stop reading.

NYC Single Mom
Currently writing a book about her journey as an adoptive parent, Linda Grant was born in Japan, attended business school in France and worked for over a decade in finance with Fortune 500 companies. With a range of experience and a whole lot of heart, Linda is the one to come to for advice, life stories and even posted video “momversations.”

The Stroller Ballet
Sarah is a woman who finds the good fortune in all things. Moving from Boston to NYC, she works through the ballet-esque steps of urban parenting a bicultural child making each move with grace, humor and earnest spirit.

Baby Meets City
Having wanted to be a Big Apple gal since the age of five, Ellen lives her dream (apartment size notwithstanding) each and every day. A fantastic feature of this site: her goal to review as many books as humanly possible.

Mom Confessionals
The title of Super Mom has never been more true than when referring to Suzanne Chan. Wife, nurse, mother, friend, survivor of tragedy, her stories will captivate you and win you over in the time it takes to bookmark her blog.

Mommy Delicious
Open and honest with her innermost feelings on an unexpected journey into single parenting, Alicia is a Columbia-educated tough cookie determined to teach her son that regardless of what gets thrown at you, life is ultimately what you choose to make of it.

Random Handprints
Living in the Jersey suburbs, wife and mother of three, Anna, jokingly and lightly refers to her NYC dream as “New York City-ish.” A favorite section of this blog: her old photo Fridays, featuring photos from her years ago versus present day.

Momma’s Gone City
Living in Manhattan with two kids isn’t easy. There, City Momma said it. Now that that’s out there, let it be said that it certainly can be done, with enough gusto, hard work and laughter, and this working mom makes it happen every day.

The Well Mom
The homepage tabs of this calm, pleasant site read like a section of your hopes and dreams journal: well-nourished, well-centered, well-toned, well-pampered, well-connected and more. Could such concepts be possible? Read on and find out the answer can (and should because you deserve it) be yes.

Smitten Kitchen
Any woman who bakes up an Annual Macaroon Marathon at her place is someone we all must befriend asap, quickly before the macaroons are all gone. Deb Perelman, sometimes freelance writer & photographer, former art therapist and tech reporter, bakes up a storm in her small NYC kitchen each week and you don’t want to miss the results.

Dinner: A Love Story
Her concept of the non-cook, the person who does the non-food tasks that help the cook get dinner on the table, is ingenious right off the bat. When she became a mother of two, Jenny Rosenstrach promised herself to work full-time only if she was able to commit to having dinner on the table more often than not. Much more than just the food we eat, Dinner is a chronicle of a love for family, quality time, quality meals and personal sanity.

One Hungry Mama
With recipes separated into age, ingredient and type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) Stacie wants to make it easy for you, and delicious too. Saying that she is hungry, an often taboo statement for fashionable women of the NYC area, she puts personal opinion into every review and every dish.

The Coffee Beaners
Every parents knows that coffee (or really, any type of caffeine for that matter) is a must to get you through those long days with a kid who decides he’s done with his naps. Rebecca and her son, Diego-Max are making it their mission to explore New York’s coffee shops and cafes. While Rebecca rates the coffee, Diego-Max rates the cookies and sweets. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Jersey Kids
Exotic couple trips are only possible with a baby sitter on speed dial, so travel journalist and mom, Debbie takes her kids with her on the go. Join them as she hops around, exploring all the family-friendly trips the New York and New Jersey area (and beyond!) has to offer.

–Genna McGahee


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