Best New Kids Books for February 2019

February is the month of love and there’s one thing we love here at Red Tricycle it’s books! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite new children’s book releases for the month of February to delight every young reader in your house. Read on to learn more!

Where's the Llama?

Andrews McMeel

Where's the Llama: An Around-the-World Adventure Book is a wonderfully illustrated, seek-and-find activity book that is not only fun, it helps build a child’s visual and cultural vocabulary. Follow the llamas as they travel around the world to a Dia de los Muertos parade in Mexico, the world-famous tulip festival in the Netherlands, explore jungles in Cambodia and so much more. Available Feb. 2, 2019. By Paul Moran & Gergely Forizs.

Ages: All ages. $9.99.

Order it here.

Friends Make Me Feel Razzamatazz

Simon & Schuster

This colorful book from Crayola uses your favorite crayon colors to describe feelings. Author Tina Gallo uses words to engage kids and Clair Rossiter's illustrations bring those Crayola crayons to life. It's a fun and inventive book that's perfect for reading with your kids to inspire them to talk about their own feelings: what makes you feel tickle-me-pink or jungle green? Grown-ups will have fun answering those questions too. Available Feb. 19.

Ages: 2-5

Find it here. $12.99

Colors (Zoe and Zack)

We love this book for its innovative way of introducing colors to tots. Author Jacques Duquennoy uses die-cut pages and printed acetate to engage young readers as friends Zoe and Zack paint different colors and shapes. Find out what they're creating by turning each acetate page. 

Ages: 3-5

Available at



This hilarious but also touching story by Max Amato about a Type-A Eraser and his goofy nemesis, Pencil, will garner plenty of giggles (Eraser gets tossed away in a tornado, gets smudgy, etc.) but it'll also spotlight why imperfection is actually the best way to find the truly amazing in the world. Kids will also see a pair of opposites learn to work together in order to create something even better than what was there before.

Ages: 3-5 

$12.14. Order it here.

Cancer Party

Sara Olsher

When author-illustrator Sara Olsher was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34, she struggled to find a way to tell her then 6-year-old daughter about it in a way that was true but not scary. Since she couldn't find the resource she need, Olsher wrote and illustrated Cancer Party—for her daughter and for all the parents out there struggling to explain cancer in a scientifically accurate but not-too-terrifying way. The illustrations are bright and colorful  and the entire book strikes the right balance between the facts and the feelings. Buy this book right now for anyone who you know who is struggling with cancer, or as a resource for your school library. Our resident 8-year-old book reviewer read this book again and again, even though he doesn't know anyone with cancer right now, and his mom says it has made him more aware and empathetic to cancer in general. 

Ages: 4-10

Get it here, $9.99

Hibernate With Me

Simon & Schuster

This adorable book by Benjamin Scheuer will soothe any anxious child with its rhythmic words that we’re betting you won’t be able to help but sing to your little one. And the illustrations by Jemima Williams are just as comforting. For anyone who has ever felt a little scared or lost or shy (and we can all relate to that) this book reminds us all that we can hibernate together, where it’s cozy and safe. Available Feb. 12, 2019.

Ages: 4-8

$17.99. Order now.

Gittel's Journey: An Ellis Island Story


“Home is not safe for us. You are going to America to have a better life.” Gittel and her mother plan to immigrate to America together, but a when a health inspector tells Gittel's mother she is not well enough to board the ship, the 9-year-old girl must face the journey across the ocean alone. Her mom writes a cousin’s address on a piece of paper, but Gittel clutches it so tightly the ink disappears. How will she find her new home when she arrives? This brave and inspiring story is gorgeously illustrated and rings as true today as ever. Available Feb. 5, 2019. Written by Leslea Newman and beautifully illustrated by Amy June Bates. 

Ages: 5-8

$19.99. Order here.

Kids Who Are Changing the World

Simon & Schuster

Find out how four different kids kids are helping the environment, inventing incredible medical devices, aiding the homeless, designing apps to make sure kids don't eat alone in the school cafeteria, and more. Your kids will be inspired to pursue their own best inventions after reading this easy-to-follow illustrated text by Sheila Sweeny Higginson (Author) and Alyssa Petersen (Illustrator). Available Feb. 12.

Ages: 6-8

Find it here. $17.99  

A Ray of Light


For your non-fiction lover, this new book from author and photographer Walter Wick is just the thing. In A Ray of Light, Wick's stunning images are combined with easy-to-understand text. Kids will learn all about the speed, color, the spectrum and all the other complex secrets to light. On sale Feb. 26th, 2019.

Ages: 6-8 

$12.32. Pre-order it now.

Plantology: 30 Activiites and Observations for Exploring the World of Plants

Chicago Review Press

Budding botanists and curious collectors alike will adore Plantology: 30 Activities and Observations for Exploring the World of Plants by science educator and author Michael Elsohn Ross. From plant skeletons to prop roots and all the mosses in between, this super cool book will have your kids looking at the natural world in a whole new way. Available Feb. 5.

Ages: 7 and up (but younger kids may enjoy activities with parents/older siblings)

Buy it here. $15.99

Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of the Dark!


Sam Wu is back in the third book in the series by Katie & Kevin Tsang. This time Sam Wu is most definitely not afraid of anything....not sharks...not ghosts....and not the dark! Actually, Sam is afraid of a lot of things (including ghosts and sharks) and when he goes camping in the woods with is friends and his cousin Stanley, his fear of the dark becomes pretty real. Find out what happens in this latest adventure! Available Feb. 7. 

Ages: 6-9

Get it here, $9.21.

—Amber Guetebier, Gabby Cullen & Erin Lem

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