Whether it’s a bedtime story or an entire afternoon reading, there are few things that can inspire, and teach kids like an amazing book. We’ve spent quite a bit of time reading these last few months and here are some of our editor’s (and their kids’) favorite new books recently published. Read on to see them all.

Baby, Toddler & Board Books

Goodnight, Sleepyville

Bloomsbury Publishing

Sleepyville is getting ready for bedtime. Follow along as the quaint town performs their bedtime routine that includes cuddling, cookies and milk and lullabies. This sweet story is the perfect addition for your picture book collection.

Ages: 0-5

Get it here, $15.29

Big Ideas for Little Philosophers

This adorable new book series comes in a set of four: Equality, Happiness, Imagination and Truth. Each one features a famous philosopher (think Socrates and Simone de Beauvoir) and has vivid, fun illustrations any baby will love. There are also thought-provoking questions that are appropriate for the toddler set, and each book will inspire your tiniest readers to consider their place in the world. 

Ages: 0-3

Get the box set of four here, $35.96.

Hello, Elephant!

Candlewick Press

This large, sturdy board book format with lots of flaps will keep curious kiddos entertained while they learn all about the animals of the African savanna. Author-illustrator sam Boughtons images are reminescent of Eric Carle, in the best way possible. 

Ages: 2-5

Find a copy here. $12.99


Day of the Dead: A Count and Find Primer

Gibbs Smith

BabyLit has done it again with the newest installment, Day of the Dead: A Count and Find Primer. Little learners will discover the traditions of the celebration like pan de muertos, Comparsa, Catrinas and more as they count from one to 10 amidst the bright and colorful illustrations.

Ages: 2-3

Get it here, $9.99

Animal Families: Forest

Nosy Crow

Jane Ormes' lift the flap board book all about the forest is a perfect addition to any baby or toddler library, and one that teaches more than just shapes or colors. A daddy deer is called a stag, a mommy bear is called a sow, a baby is called a kit. The flaps reveal the different names for baby animals, all accompanied by the woodlandy-cute illustrations that set it apart. 

Ages: 2-5

Find it here. $9.99

Water Your Body, Water Your World

Amber Tamar Harris

As a parent of a two-year-old baby girl mom Amber Tamar Harris found getting her to drink enough water a daily struggle. So she decided to write a book to help her own daughter, and other kids, understand the importance of water and why it is so beneficial. From taking a bath and brushing our teeth to sustaining life on the planet, when we celebrate water it puts kids in the mindfulness mindset from an early age: one sip at a time!

Ages: 0-10

Get your copy here, $13.60


Hope Sees Her Condor

Houts & Home Publications LLC

Written by a Birder, for young Birders, this simple tale will have kids grabbing their binoculars to head off on an adventure. Follow along as Hope spies all types of gorgeous birds, including the largest in North America––the Condor!

Ages: 3-6

Get it here, $9.99

Sloth Went

Bloomsbury Publishing

It's Sloth's big day! This sweet potty training-inspired tale follows a young sloth as he embarks on an adventure, where he must listen to his body as his friends encourage him along the way.

Ages: 3-6

Find it here, $14.69

She Wanted to Be Haunted

Bloomsbury Publishing

Clarissa the cottage doesn't want to be adorable, she wants to be scary like her parents, a witch's hut and a creepy castle! Told in lyrical stanzas, Clarissa embarks on a journey to learning to be her very best self.

Ages: 3-6

Available on amazon.com, $14.69

I Got the School Spirit

Bloomsbury Publishing

It's the first day of school! Summer is over and our protagonist is ready to share her school spirit. With beautiful illustrations, follow along as she navigates her first day, making new friends and learning along the way.

Ages: 3 to 6

Available on amazon.com, $16.19

Superhero vs. School

Bloomsbury Publishing

A lot of kids worry about the first day of school, especially Scotty. Ethan Long's newest tale follows the young boy as he joins forces with his superhero buds to vanquish his fear, once and for all.

Ages: 3-6

Available on amazon.com, $14.69

Sun and Moon Together: Happy County Book 2


Welcome back to Happy Country! The preschool graphic picture book inspired by Richard Scarry returns with lovable characters, bright colors and tons of action as we follow along with our hosts, Sun and Moon.

Ages: 3-6

Get it here, $18.99

Early Elementary

My Teacher is a Robot

Random House Children's Books

Fred is bound to make school less boring. The creative boy decides that his teacher is a robot, and takes his friends on a fantastical journey that only the wildly imaginative mind of a child can do.

Ages: 3 to 7

Find it here, $11.99

Kitty Cones

Insight Kids

More than just a coloring book, Kitty Cones is packed with adventurous cats who pop up! Join Miyu, Yumi, and Koko who are enjoying tons of summertime fun. The interactive book offers simple instructions which make turning this story into a pop-up easy peasy.

Ages: 7+

Get it on Amazon, $14.99

Chapter Books

My Friendship Journal/Mi Diario de Amistad: A Bilingual Guided Journal

Fox Chapel Publishing

 ‘What characteristics make you a ‘great’ friend? Do you look for the same qualities in your friends?’ /’¿Qué características te hacen una ‘gran’ amiga? ¿Tratas de encontrar esas cualidades en tus amigas?’”

Whether you're looking to brush up on your Español or looking for English practice, or just want to try learning a new language in a fun, hands-on way, this bilingual guided journal is a blast. Get one for you, and for a friend! 

Order on Amazon today, $9.99

Sounds All Around: A Guide to Onomatopoeias Around the World

Andrews McMeel

Have you ever wondered what a Japanese dog's bark is like? Or what a pig says in Germany? Onomatopoeias are words that imitate sound (like achoo for sneezes) but they aren't the same in every language. Dr. James Chapman's delightful illustrations, inspired by his webcomic Soundimals. 

Ages: 8-12

Find it here. $14.99

American As Paneer Pie

Simon & Schuster

As an Indian American girl in a small town, Lekha hides her differences and avoids confrontation so she won't get teased. But when a new Indian girl moves in across the street, she teaches Lekha about prejudice, pride in her culture and the power of her own voice.

Ages: 8-12

Find it here, $17.99.

The Unadoptables

Lotta, Egg, Fenna, Sem, and Milou are orphans in 19th century Amsterdam. In all the years that Little Tullip Orphanage headmistress Elinora Gassbeek has been in charge, she's never seen more unusual arrivals than that of these five. Each with mysterious beginnings, all with unique character, they become known as "the unadoptables." When they unearth a villainous plan from their apparent adopted patron, they escape together into the frozen streets and canals of Amsterdam. What follows is the discovery of who they are and where they came from. With delightful prose and an excellent plot, readers will be captived until the last page of this fantastic debut by author Hana Tooke.

Ages: 8-12

Buy it here, $16.19.

The Girl and the Witch's Garden

Simon & Schuster

When her father gets sick, 12-year-old Piper is sent to live at her grandmother's house. The grand estate and its garden hold many secrets: Who are the mysterious children who live on the property? And is Piper's grandmother really a witch? Piper needs answers to help heal her father.

Ages: 8-12

Find it here, $17.99.

featured image: leolintang/iStock


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