Online consignment shops are an eco-friendly way to outfit your kid

It’s almost time to put away the swimsuits and think about clothes that work for the school year: jeans, sweaters, and durable shoes. Whether you need to make space in the closet for clothes that actually fit or if you’re looking for a more sustainable way to shop, consignment is your answer. We’ve got every option for finding used kids’ clothes out there from in-app selling to designer duds on a dime, an online baby consignment store, and even a place to sell old toys.  

Hanna-Me-Downs by Hanna Andersson

hanna andersson pajamas can be sold on their new online consignment shop

You love Hanna Andersson for its adorable prints, classic pajamas, and how well the items hold up to the constant wear and tear that comes with being a kid. Long known for its sustainable fabrics and durability, the clothing brand is taking the next step in responsible retail with a new Hanna Andersson resale shop, 'Hanna-Me-Downs,' making it even easier for parents to buy and sell the made-to-last apparel.

How it works: Upload your images, select the condition of the items, choose your prices (Hanna Andersson will offer price recommendations based on the condition of your items), and then ship the item to the buyer using a pre-paid USPS label. The shop is open and ready for business, and items range from infant clothing to swimsuits and pajamas—many are listed at a nearly 50% discount.

Why you'll love it: Sellers can make more through Hanna-Me-Downs, as the company will offer 25% more value on each resale item via a gift card option, which can be used on the Hanna Andersson website or gifted to a friend. A cash transaction option is also available if you don't go for a gift card.

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Good Buy Gear

GoodBuy Gear is a service that picks up your item and sells it for you. They check the quality of the item and recommend a selling price for you to approve.  GoodBuy Gear always inspects their items and never sells recalled items.

How it works: They handle everything from communication with the buyer to shipping the item, so you don’t have to. When your item sells, you make up to 85% of the sale price.

Why you’ll love it: GoodBuy Gear handles everything for you so there’s no stress on your end.

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Sella is a place to sell used kids clothes online

How it works: Created by a dad, this new online consignment shop/service sells your unwanted baby gear and toys on local marketplaces for you. You choose what you want to sell (see the requirements for items), and then you can either mail your items in or if you're in Portland or Dallas, make a drop-off at a local Sella hub. You'll be matched with a Sella expert, and they'll handle everything else from there. The rate is reasonable, no matter how much (or how little) you make. You pay a flat rate of $6 and $0.20/day for small items and $0.05/cubic foot for large items.

Why you'll love it: The "Sellas" do everything for you, from taking photos to figuring out market value and writing out compelling listings. Once you've approved the price, the items will be listed in places like Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List, and more. All you have to do is collect your earnings. 

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Tea Rewear with Kidizen

Tea Collection, the world-inspired kids' clothing brand has just launched Tea Rewear shop with Kidizen. This is the first time a kid's clothing line has offered its own resale site; you'll be able to buy and sell items from the world-inspired kids' clothing brand, and when you trade in pre-loved items, you'll earn credits towards other Tea Collection items available for purchase.  

How it works: Simply mail in your gently-used Tea Collection items, or drop them off at locations in Austin, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. 

Why you'll love it: Tea Collection is known for its well-made clothes, so you'll be able to buy, sell and trade items for years.

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Kidizen is an online consignment shop for used kids clothes

Kidizen is a socially-driven parent-to-parent marketplace where you’ll find deals on high-end and boutique brands as well as styling ideas, all within an easy-to-use app. 

Buy from them: Individual kid filters make it easy to find what you need, in the size you want. Shop your favorite brands, and connect one-on-one with sellers to ask questions via built-in private messaging.

Sell with them: Set up your shop, snap a photo (or two) of the item(s) you’re selling, and set your price. Kidizen eliminates the middle mom, leaving you with 90% of the purchase price.

Why you’ll love it:  More than just a platform for buying and selling used kids' clothes, it’s a community where parents can find inspirational pics and share their favorite stylish photos.

Free for iPhone and Android


Courtesy of Out&Back

This online consignment shop deals in outerwear and winter gear like jackets, snow pants, gloves, ski gear, and more. 

How it works: If you're selling, Out&Back has instant cash offers, which means they'll take the gear off your hands and deposit cash to your Paypal or Venmo account. They even pay for shipping, so you don't have to mess with uploading photos or managing listings. If you're buying, simply browse their website for the items you're looking to purchase. 

Why you'll love it: Unless you live somewhere where cold weather is part of daily life, buying winter gear for kids often means you spend a ton of money on things they might only wear a few times. And even if you do live somewhere where 32 degrees equals a warm winter day, kids grow fast, so the dollars spent can still add up. With Out & Back, you can buy and sell new and slightly used items with ease. 

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Swoondle Society

online consignment shop for used kids clothes
courtesy Swoondle Society

This online swap meet-style trading platform was started by a Brooklyn mom looking to trade her daughter's used clothes for cute duds to outfit her newborn son.

How it works: Instead of splitting the profits, as you would with a traditional consignment company, you pay an annual membership fee to gain access to the marketplace. Send in the items you wish to trade, and Swoondle will catalog each item. They give you Trading Credits that can be applied to clothing and accessories on the website. Remember: what you give is what you get—each item is assigned a rating of 1 to 5 depending on its worth. Credits in a designated level are traded for items similarly tagged within the same level.

Why you'll love it: Your first five items traded are free! You'll get an email with your credit amount, and that's when you can decide which membership you want (the rate depends on how many trades you want to do). To get started, request a kit and send your items back in the provided bag for free.

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Shop Tomorrows

online consignment shop

Shop Tomorrows is an online shop for used kids' clothes that doesn’t use money between buyers and sellers. 

How it works: Launched by a mom and former stylist, parents can easily buy and sell gently used clothing in top brands like CrewCuts, Appaman, Adidas, and more. Once you set up an account with Shop Tomorrows you’ll be able to purchase tokens (1 token = $1), and you’ll use those tokens to purchase clothing. 

Why You’ll Love It: You can sell and buy clothes on Shop Tomorrows, and you don’t have to send anything to the company beforehand. You’ll be able to connect to closets you love, and you have the option of dropping off sold items at someone’s front door if they live nearby to save on shipping costs. You set your prices, and you keep 100% of your commission, too. You can buy tokens in bulk to save money, and there’s also an impressive set of filters, so you can easily find exactly what you need. 

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Everlasting Wardrobe

courtesy Everlasting Wardrobe

A unique blend of online consignment and subscription services, Everlasting Wardrobe gives parents the freedom to rent clothing for 30 days. 

How it works: Once you fill out a profile for each kid, you'll receive eight new or like-new items of clothing. Kids can wear those items for a full 30 days before you need to return them. If there's something your kid loves too much to send back, you can buy that item at a deep discount. 

Why you'll love it: There's no charge for shipping, you'll have stylists picking stuff based on the categories and customizations based on your preferences (with no styling fees), and you'll have access to hot brands like Burt’s Bees Baby, OMAMImini, Kickee, I Haven’t The Foggiest, Frenchie Mini Couture, PopUpShop, Mimi and Maggie, Red Caribou and more. Also, if you're opting to have gently-used items sent to you, it's good to know that all items go through an inspection and an eco-friendly cleaning process after being returned and before being sent back out. 

Cost: $40 per month for 8 pieces of new and like-new professionally cleaned & inspected clothing for 30 days, or $80 per month for 8 pieces of brand-new clothing for 30 days. 

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Facebook Marketplace & Garage Sale Groups


You’re probably already spending time on Facebook, so it’s the perfect place to do your buying and selling too. Simply head to the marketplace section on Facebook or search garage sale groups, and local groups will pop up. 

How it works: If you're buying, be sure the images are clear and that there's a good description of the item. If you're selling, the good news is that since this is all your effort, from the pictures to the pricing to the drop-off or delivery, you get all the proceeds.

Why you'll love it: If you enjoy organizing your clothes and price haggling, this is the way to go.

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The local swapping app also has an online store where parents can buy gently used kids' clothing and toys.

How it works: While the option to consign is limited to San Francisco Bay Area residents (Toycycle will pick up items for free) at this time, nationwide thrifty shoppers have to option to shop for gently used goods at bargain prices. If you can consign, payouts range from 10-60% based on the value of the item, with higher-value items receiving a higher percentage payout. You can also choose to donate your proceeds to a local charity.

Why you'll love it: The online shop has a wide variety of items, from Land of Nod blankets to school-aged sizes for bigger kids. There are even books and DIY kits available for purchase (hello holiday gifts on the cheap!).

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mom scrolling best instagram accounts for new moms

If you're looking for a basic online buying and selling community then OfferUp may be your solution.

How it works: Download the app, browse local deals, and message sellers. You can narrow your search to just clothing, and since you can buy and sell just about anything on the site (there's a handy app to help make it happen), it's kind of like a one-stop family consignment shop. Plus, they've recently announced a new delivery option.

Why you'll love it: Not only will you have access to a wide array of baby and kid gear (it's all from other users within a 30 mi. range) but you can also upload and sell your own gear too.

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How it works: If you love frills, boutique prints, and formal wear for Sundays, take note! Founded by three southern moms, there are hundreds of brands offered on Bagsy's website. Simply request a bag, opt to pay for a return, or donate to charity if items don't sell, and that's it! 

Why you'll love it: You'll receive up to 50% of your resale price, and you can opt to use the money as a credit to shop the site.

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Berri Kids Boutique

Berri Kid Boutique

This online consignment shop offers high-quality kids' clothing at great prices.

How it works: Currently, the store only buys locally (in the SF Bay Area) but for updates on inventory, buying and selling, fun giveaways, and more, check out their facebook page.

Why you'll love it: You can shop for quality brand names like Tea Collection, Mini Boden, Nordstrom brands, Gap, and more all in either new or excellent gently used condition.

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Sweet Pea & Teddy

online consignment shop
Chris Benson via Unsplash

Started by a busy mom of four, Sweet Pea & Teddy offers stylish name-brand fashion in sizes newborn through 14 years. With bargain prices on chic pieces, the selection is varied and constantly fresh (new items are added every day).

How it works: You can search by sizes or search by styles, like “nautical,” “retro” or “holiday ready,” making it a breeze to find occasion outfits. The site is visually rich, with lots of great photos making it clear what the items look like, and checkout takes just a couple of clicks.

Why you’ll love it:  The site also has a selection of designer handbags so you can browse for something for mama while you shop for the kids.

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online consignment shops

Poshmark is one of the original online consignment shops but what you might not know is that it has a great selection of used kids' clothing (and is an excellent way to sell).

How it works: Selling is uber-easy with the app: you take a photo and upload it to your "closet" in less than 60 seconds—right from your phone! The labels are pre-paid and shipped to you, and the cash goes into your account as soon as the item is delivered. 

Why you'll love it: Buying and selling are made super easy through the app, and the entire interface is very user-friendly. 

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online consignment shops

This site is a one-stop shop for keeping you and your family in style (and on budget) season after season.

Buy from them: ThredUP is the world's largest online consignment shop, so you’ll find everything from J.Crew (and crewcuts) to Vince and Mini Boden sold for up to 90% savings. Looking for something specific? Create a personal shop by selecting favorite sizes and brands, and thredUP will email you when those pieces become available.

Sell to them: Order a thredUP Clean Out Bag, clean out your closets, and send your like-new (or possibly never-worn) garments in to be evaluated for FREE (you can also use the Clothing Calculator to estimate how much your items are worth). ThredUP buys the items outright and pays you up to 80% of the resale value in shopping credit or cash.

Why you’ll love it: The site features a companion app so you can buy on the go. New customers take 20% off their first order.

Get started at thredUp.comDownload the app free for iPhone and Android

online consignment shops

As the “largest online consignment shop/thrift store" Swap is a great resource for buying and selling everything from gear to clothes, toys, and more.

Buy from them: You’ll definitely need more than a few minutes to browse through the thousands of items available on this site. From A Pea in the Pod to Gymboree, H&M, and the list goes on (and on), you can easily dress yourself and the smaller members of the family year round, and outfit them with the gear they need.

Sell & Swap with them: The site offers a unique service where you can sell your gently used clothes, toys and gear, or swap items with other sellers. After passing the inspection process, will style and photograph each item, and then let you set the price. Not sure what to charge? The Kids' Pricing Guide can help.

Why you’ll love it: The new SureSell Guarantee means that you’ll make money no matter what. If your items haven’t sold in 45 days, you can sell them to for up to 30% of the retail value.

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