One of our favorite recipes for fun includes plenty of wide open spaces, a dash of wind, lots of sunshine, and of course, kids! Throw in a couple of kites and you’ve got the makings for a perfect day. From sandy stretches to awesome green spaces, flip through the album below to discover our picks for best places to throw caution to the wind.

Grand Haven State Park – Grand Haven, Mi

This gorgeous, 48-acre beach park is a safe haven for kite fliers. White sand and light winds make it an ideal spot for perfecting your pull on the strings, while the ample amenities, pier, lighthouse, and boardwalk make for other fun adventures. The state park is also home to the Great Lakes Kite Festival.

Insider Tip: Don’t have a kite yet? Stop by MACKite and check out their impressive selection.


photo: Arnie Bracy via flickr


Where is your favorite place to fly a kite? Share with us in a Comment below.

—Gabby Cullen

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