The Coolest Play Spaces in the World for Babies

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Play spaces aren’t just for rowdy rompers. Babies get their own soft, padded piece of the fun. We looked across the world for the best indoor playspaces for crawlers. From a forest-inspired den in Los Angeles to a baby lounge in Paris, here are places to get inspired by (and plan your next trip to!).

Twirl Cafe in Seattle

Little ones grow big imaginations at this natural-looking spot. The littlest of the lot can crawl into the reading corner and steady themselves against the table to play with trains. Bonus for babies: Twirl Café also has an antimicrobial rubber floor. <b>More Info: </b><a target="_blank" href=""></a>fuck


What is your favorite play space? Let us know in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen