Chick out—uh, check out these time-saving pre-filled Easter eggs!

Sometimes the Easter Bunny gets so busy with creating cool Easter baskets, pre-filled Easter eggs can really be a lifesaver. Gone are the days when stuffing all of the same colorful Easter eggs every year with candy was considered the norm. It’s 2023 and we refuse to spend a ton of time filling eggs with the perfect candy-to-tiny-toy ratio. We will not break nails on hard-to-pop-open plastic orbs in the name of Easter. The hunt will go on if we make things easier with only the very best pre-filled Easter eggs!

There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re into jewelry-filled, toy-stuffed, or anything in between, we’ve found some great goodies that are sure to make this Easter memorable. From squishies to plushes to mini figures and more, there’s so much to choose from! We suggest mixing and matching so the kiddos get a fun variety. No matter how you do it, you’ll be saving time and stress this Easter. So hop to it and check out our list of the best pre-filled Easter eggs!

Mochi Squishy Toy Filled Easter Eggs

TOY Life/Amazon

The squishy toy craze isn't going anywhere soon, so you can't go wrong with these smooshy friend eggs! 

Mochi Squishy Toy Filled Easter Eggs ($21.97)—Buy Now!

Galaxy Slime Eggs


Sure, it takes a special occasion for us to be willing to break out the slime, but it's Easter, so we're up for it!

Galaxy Slime Eggs ($21.99)—Buy Now!

Bracelet Eggs


Fashionistas everywhere will love accessorizing their Easter look with these bracelets.

Bracelet Eggs ($12.99)—Buy Now!

Pop Balls Eggs


These fidget balls (similar to PopIts!) are great stress relievers, super cute, and totally portable! 

Pop Balls Eggs ($23.59)—Buy Now!

Pull-Back Monster Truck Eggs


These pull-back monster trucks are sure to be a hit! Plus, they're small enough to fit into their Easter baskets.

Pull-Back Monster Truck Eggs ($23.99)—Buy Now!

Eye-Pop Keychain Eggs


Those squeeze-'em-till-their-eyes-pop toys we loved when we were kids are still just as fun for our little ones!

Eye-Pop Keychain Eggs ($24.99)—Buy Now!

Building Block Eggs


If you have a little builder on your hands, these are the eggs for you!

Building Block Eggs ($12.99)—Buy Now!



Kiddos adore emojis, even if they don't have their own phones yet. Keep them smiling this Easter with these eggs!

Egg-mojis ($14.99)—Buy Now!

Light-Up Animal Ring Eggs


The fun can continue after the sun goes down with these fun light-up rings!

Light-Up Animal Ring Eggs ($13.99)—Buy Now!

Play-Doh Eggs


We're never too old for Play-Doh!

Play-Doh Eggs ($17.00)—Buy Now!

Space Toy Building Blocks Eggs


Little space explorers will be thrilled to find these eggs!

Space Toy Building Blocks Eggs ($11.90)—Buy Now!

Unicorn Eggs


These magical unicorns will add color to their baskets!

Unicorn Eggs ($19.99)—Buy Now!

Plush Animal Keychain Eggs


Rather keep the stuffed eggs soft? We have a plush for that!

Plush Animal Keychain Eggs ($22.99)—Buy Now!

Mini Figure Eggs


While they're building all sorts of Easter creations, they'll need a community to enjoy them, right?

Mini Figure Eggs ($19.99)—Buy Now!

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