Every parent of a toddler knows just how wiggly they can be. This curious and constantly moving bunch certainly has a limited attention span, so when it comes to entertainment toddlers need to be engaged. To make your life easier, we’ve created a list of toddler TV shows that will keep your wiggle worm on the edge of their seat. Whether it’s a show about talking animals on a rescue mission or a cool character learning similar life lessons, your little adventurer will love these shows. And, if you’re looking for something longer, check out our list of movies for toddlers that aren’t too scary

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is one of the best TV shows for toddlers

This classic children’s television show began in 1969 with puppets created by visionary Jim Henson. The show originally premiered on public broadcast television, but in 2015, it also moved to HBO with first-run episodes. It continues to focus on the relationships between the humans and puppets who live on the famous street. 

Where it’s streaming: Max

Why it’s great for toddlers: Sesame Street educates using songs and skits that hold the attention of the wiggliest of toddlers, even five decades after its initial air date. Not only will toddlers learn the basics of numbers and letters, but Sesame Street teaches social and emotional skills like acceptance, kindness, and inclusion. Parents will love the human celebrity guest stars, like Samuel L. Jackson and Tina Fey, who appear alongside kids’ favorite puppets.


This children’s television series focuses on different ocean species while promoting conservation. The underwater adventurers, a cat, a penguin, and a bear, take toddlers with them as they explore and hone in on one species per episode. The series got a spinoff in 2021 that focuses on land-based creatures. Octonauts: Above and Beyond is an excellent supplement to the original and is available on Netflix. 

Where it’s streaming: Netflix 

Why it’s great for toddlers: The show comes from the book series created by Meomi. With its friendly and engaging underwater crew led by Captain Barnacles, toddlers won’t realize how much they are learning because they’re having too much fun. Focusing on one species per episode will not overwhelm toddlers, making it easily digestible for a group with a limited attention span. 


Bluey is a kids show you can find on YouTube

As far as toddler TV shows go, this one has serious cult classic status because Bluey appeals to parents and their littles, which is no easy feat. Featuring a family of dogs, Australian Heelers to be exact, the series focuses on the games made up by Bluey and her kid sister, Bingo. 

Where it’s streaming: Disney+ 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Bluey focuses on imaginative play, which will hold the attention of play-driven toddlers everywhere. Toddlers will also identify with Bluey’s insatiable curiosity and boundless energy because it may mirror their own. Parents will appreciate the endless Easter Eggs dropped throughout the series. 

Mickey Mouse Funhouse

Mickey Mouse Funhouse is one of the best TV shows for toddlers
Disney Channel

Mickey and friends have been entertaining children for decades. In this newest iteration, which first aired in 2021, a pleasant talking house named Funny sends Mickey and crew on some incredible and exciting adventures. Funny can also shape-shift based on the surrounding location. 

Where it’s streaming: Disney+ 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Mickey has long-held appeal for young children. Toddlers will be enthralled by colorful animation and the different worlds Mickey and his friends travel to with the help of Funny. At the end of each episode, toddlers are encouraged to move their bodies during a “wiggle giggle” song. Parents may even spot the celebrity voice of John Stamos as Captain Salty Bones in a special guest star role. 

Peppa Pig

A charming show with simple animation and characters will be easy for toddlers to understand. It also may result in them speaking in a delightful British accent or using undeniably adorable British terms like ‘telly’ and ‘queue.’ The series follows the adventures of a pig family consisting of four-year-old Peppa, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and Peppa’s brother, George. 

Where it’s streaming: Paramount+

Why it’s great for toddlers: This TV show for toddlers will hold their attention with its charming Britishisms and the exciting and easy-to-follow adventures and friendships of Peppa and her family. Peppa Pig also features multiple animal species living harmoniously in Peppatown. 


Super Kitties is one of the best TV shows for toddlers


This Disney Junior show premiered in 2023 and features four superhero cats facing a variety of villains. From the SuperKitty Cavern, their underground headquarters, cats Bitsy, Buddy, Sparks, and Ginny use their superpowers to work together to keep the city of Kittydale safe. 

Where it’s streaming: Disney +

Why it’s great for toddlers: Not only will the fantastic cats and their sensational superpowers keep toddlers on the edge of their seats, but the show also features a treasure trove of social and emotional lessons. The cats are kind and use logic and empathy when dealing with the villains instead of fighting.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger is one of the best TV shows for toddlers
PBS Kids


This TV show for toddlers is a spinoff from the legendary childhood series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. With his caring crew from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel explores the typical world of a young child by learning the same lessons they do. 

Where it’s streaming: PBS Kids 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Toddlers will see their lives reflected in Daniel’s as the young tiger does his best to navigate social and emotional lessons such as sharing, waiting, and regulating difficult emotions. Simple songs will keep toddlers engaged while solidifying these skills and identifying strategies to help them along the way. Parents will appreciate the nod to Fred Rogers with each show, beginning with Daniel tying his shoes and putting on his red sweater as the children’s television pioneer did over his many decades teaching them. 

Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf is one of the best TV shows for toddlers
Amazon Prime Studios


Talking blue fox, Fig and his friend Stick, a caterpillar, join the other residents of Tumble Leaf Island in science-based adventures. From his shipwreck home, Fig discovers how things work. 

Where it’s streaming: Amazon Prime 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Each episode of Tumble Leaf is broken down into two shorter stories, making it easier for attention-span-challenged toddlers to remain engaged. The colorful and exciting animation will also appeal to toddlers. Peppered in with the science lessons are positive social and emotional lessons that parents will love. 

Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor Wonders Why is one of the best TV shows for toddlers
PBS Kids


Elinor, an adventurous bunny filled with wonder, and her friends, Olive, an elephant, and Ari, a bat, figure out answers to some intriguing science-based questions. Topics explore everything from whether animals get hiccups to the reason behind the changing color of leaves. Elinor and her Animal Town pals take young viewers along on their journey. 

Where it’s streaming: PBS Kids 

Why it’s great for toddlers: The series fosters curiosity and keeps toddlers engaged by presenting exciting content in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Parents will also enjoy learning about science and nature alongside their kids, making this one of the rare toddler TV shows that is fun for the whole family. 

Llama Llama

Llama Llama is one of the best TV shows for toddlers


Based on the popular children’s book series by Anna Dewdney, this Netflix TV show for toddlers features Llama and his mama. With the littlest llama learning lessons and meeting friends, the adventures include a talent show, a new neighbor, and a family vacation. 

Where it’s streaming: Netflix 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Llama will hold the attention of the littlest littles with his relatable stories from episode to episode, like losing a tooth and the fear surrounding a visit to the doctor. Parents will enjoy the social and emotional lessons and exposure to early literacy, such as rhyming. They may also enjoy catching Jennifer Garner’s voice as Mama Llama.

Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes

Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes is one of the best tv shows for toddlers


This new show, which premiered in 2023, features Kiya, a young girl from Africa, and her friends. Kiya loves martial arts and dance and uses a crystal headband to access superpowers and keep her community safe. 

Where it’s streaming: Disney+

Why it’s great for toddlers: Movement is essential for the tot lot, and Kiya and her friends know how to move. She becomes a dance ninja with the help of her magic headband. Toddlers will love to dance alongside Kiya and her crew. Parents will love the themes of teamwork and persistence and the show’s emphasis on diversity. 

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer
Nick Jr.

Young Dora breaks the fourth wall by engaging with viewers as she goes on adventures with her bestie, Boots the Monkey, and with the help of several tools, including a talking backpack and map. She meets many friends along the way, including Tico, Grumpy Old Troll, and Swiper the Fox. 

Where it’s streaming: Paramount+ 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Toddlers will respond to the interactive way Dora includes them in her adventures with questions and facts. They will also learn the recurring cast of characters Dora interacts with on her journeys. Parents will love the positive and diverse role model Dora provides and the multilingual aspect of the series. 

Super Why

Super Why is one of the best tv shows for toddlers
PBS Kids


Four fairytale superheroes help young kids learn the skills they need to begin their adventures as readers. In Storybook Village, the series allows viewers to enjoy classic stories like The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Where it’s streaming: PBS Kids 

Why it’s great for toddlers: Toddlers will love (and remain engaged) when they are literally pulled into an interactive storybook experience with Whyatt and the Super Readers. They will also love dancing to the catchy theme song, helping them get the wiggles out before settling in to watch the show. 

Blue’s Clues

Blues Clues is one of the best TV shows for toddlers
Nick Jr.


This legendary Nickelodeon show premiered in 1996. It followed human host Steve Burns as he and his loveable cartoon dog, Blue, use clues to help figure something out. The toddler TV show has blossomed into a feature film and another modern iteration called Blue’s Clues & You, with human host Josh and Blue, which first aired in 2019. 

Where it’s streaming: Paramount+ 

Why it’s great for toddlers: The show allows toddlers to interact as they help find clues, which keeps the youngest viewers engaged and entertained. While Blue’s Clues will hold toddlers’ attention, it will also educate them with color and shape recognition and number identification. Parents who grew up watching Blue may find a nostalgic return to their childhood days. 

Gabby’s Dollhouse


Gabby and her feline friend, Pandy Paws, take young viewers on amazing adventures through her dollhouse, which has magical worlds and fun-filled surprises. Every episode opens with a Dollhouse Delivery where real-live 12-year-old Gabby unboxes something from the MeowMeow Mailbox before becoming an animated version of herself and going on a dollhouse adventure. 

Where it’s streaming: Netflix

Why it’s great for toddlers: The interactive storytelling in the series will hold your toddler’s attention and allow them to participate in each episode. Gabby also features themes of teamwork and friendship, which will appeal to parents. 

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!



This animated TV show for toddlers introduces young viewers to Thomas the Tank Engine and his many friends. Parents may have watched the original show featuring an older version of Thomas, called Thomas & Friends, based on the book series of the same name. Once again, audiences follow the many adventures of Thomas and his crew as they navigate the fictional island of Sodor. 

Where it’s streaming: Netflix

Why it’s great for toddlers: Both fun and charming, this series, like the original, is sure to entertain toddlers and hold their attention. The show also teaches teamwork, problem-solving, and other essential life lessons in such an incredible way that toddlers won’t even realize they are learning. 

Paw Patrol 

kids shows on youtube
Nick Jr.

One of the longer-running toddler TV shows, Paw Patrol features a half dozen dogs as they protect their city with the help of Ryder, a young boy. These rescue pups each take on the role of a helpful resource, like firefighters, police officers, excavators, and ocean rescue teams. 

Where it’s streaming: Noggin and Paramount+

Why it’s great for toddlers: Each episode follows a consistent pattern, making it easy for even the youngest viewers to follow. What will keep toddlers watching, though, is the excellent skills, tools, and vehicles the individual rescue pups have.

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