Look no further than TJ’s for all the items you need for the perfect snack board.

If you are hosting guests, you can never go wrong with a charcuterie board. Stocked with a variety of crackers, cheese, meat, fruit, and nuts, there is something for everyone. The next time you find yourself jonesing for a plethora of snacks or just need to plan the perfect grazing board, head to Trader Joe’s for some of the tastiest items for a charcuterie board.

Bigonda with Herbs

It goes without saying that Trader Joe’s is the king of cheese, so it was actually difficult to narrow down a pick for a charcuterie board. We went with the Bigonda and Herbs because of its creamy texture and herby flavor that spreads on crackers like butter. At the end of the day, you can afford to grab a few unique cheeses, like Unexpected Cheddar, White Stilton with Apricots, Manchego, and Triple Brie to round out your board.

Greek Chickpeas with Parsley & Cumin

Charcuterie boards are built not just on flavor, but unique textures too. That’s why these Greek Chickpeas with Parsley and Cumin are perfect. While they do require a bit of prep work, the pre-marinated snack just needs 20 minutes to crisp up before they join your arrangement and pack a pop of flavor.

Super Seedy Cheese Bites

As much as we love a crispy cracker, the last thing you want to do is fill up on carbs when grazing a charcuterie board. These Super Seedy Cheese Snack Bites are made with puffed quinoa so they aren’t super dense, but still bring a ton of flavor. Even better, they support a hefty hunk of cheese and spread (because broken cracker bits stuck in your dips are the worst).

Marinated Olive Duo with Lemon & Herbs

Trader Joe's charcuterie board items

Balance your board with a smidge of salty olives, like this duo made up of Kalamata and Chalkidiki varieties. Not only do you get your dose of sodium that perfectly pairs with the other sweet sides, but the unique lemon and herbs put a twist on regular ole olives. Just note: these contain pits!

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Fig Butter

Move over fig jam, this fig butter is the new charcuterie hotness. Slice up some apples or bread before smearing a healthy serving of this jam to add that sweet flavor. The best part is this large jar will last way longer than just a quick charcuterie board. Add to burgers too!

Guara Almonds

In between chunks of cheese, one needs some crunch in a charcuterie board. We love these Guara Almonds because of their slightly sweet flavor, thanks to being roasted and mixed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Fig & Olive Crisps

Trader Joe’s

The beauty of these crackers is that they taste like toast, but don’t fill you up. They are made with flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds, dried Mission figs, and brined Kalamata olives. Don’t be afraid to slater with fig butter and top with multiple pieces of cheese.

Chianti Red Wine Artisan Salami

trader joe's charcuterie board ideas

Savory salami almost always needs to make an appearance on a charcuterie board, and this artisanal version adds a lot of flavor. The softer-than-usual salted meat is both salty and smoky, with a light wine flavor that isn’t overpowering.


Whole Grain Mustard

trader joe's charcuterie board ideas

Whole Grain Dijon Mustard really takes your charcuterie board up a level. It provides a unique texture and flavor to meats and crackers and we like that it’s just a plain unique addition to a grazing platter.

Dark Chocolate Covered Honey Grahams with Sea Salta

It’s not uncommon to see a hunk of honeycomb on a charcuterie board, but let’s be honest—it’s pretty messy. You can still get that sweet, honey experience with these bite-sized honey grahams that are covered in dark chocolate and sea salt. It’s the perfect way to round out your board and provide everything from salty to sweet.

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