July Product Review #2: Big Feelings Book

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Ready to dive into the world of emotions with your kiddos? This month’s innovative kids product is  Talaris Institute‘s “Big Feelings” book. This beautifully illustrated picture book aims to help parents explore emotions with their young children, to help little ones begin to identify their feelings and teach them how to respond to the emotions of others in age appropriate ways. This book is ideal to use with toddlers and preschoolers. To learn more about Talaris Institute and “Big Feelings” book click here.

We are looking for one volunteer Red Tricycle Mommy to review the “Big Feelings” book for us!

For those of you new to Red Tricycle Product Reviews, here’s the scoop: each month, Red Tricycle selects our favorite savvy mom or dad and family products for real life reviews by our readers. Selected readers will be sent the product, along with a short list of questions. We’ll feature your answers in a follow-up reader review article that you can share with your friends.

Interested in reading the “Big Feelings” book with your little one? Just leave your comment in the comment area below. One volunteer Red Tricycle reviewer will be selected from the comments below.

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