Birthday Cakes That Will Totally Blow You Away

Betty Crocker has gotten a major makeover since you were a regular on the petite party circuit. These days, sheet cakes and boxed baked goods have taken a backseat to the hottest movie heroes, and faraway fantasy lands. Even if you aren’t in cahoots with the Cake Boss, flipping through our gallery of amazing confectionary creations may just inspire you to start your own party planning.

Treasure Chest Cake

Ahoy mateys! Captain Hook better not be lurking around, because the treasure at any pirate-themed bash would be this incredible cake. Complete with gold coins, map and key, swashbuckling party people won’t be able to stay away from the dessert table. Gemma of I Love That Cake is known for her jaw-dropping designs, and this one is no exception.

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— Erin Lem & Gabby Cullen


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