Whether you’re Team Goody Bag or not (we totally understand if you aren’t a fan of giving or getting them), the party giveaways don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Traditionally, birthday party favors are fun for 3 seconds, lost in the car on the way home, or a handful of candy after a day of cake and ice cream. The good news (even if you don’t love them)? Birthday party favors have come a long way since the days of tiny bouncy balls and finger traps.

These goody bag stuffers are easy on the wallet, lots of fun, and most likely haven’t been seen by your little party-goers. They’re items they’ll want to hang onto and (gasp) use more than once. Best of all? You can grab them all on Amazon. So take one less stressor out of your birthday party planning. We’ve got you covered.

Meanplan Mini Claw Dinosaur Machine

small claw game
Meanplan on Amazon

What's better than a claw game? A mini one. Kiddos definitely haven't seen these before. Once they've mastered dino recovery, they can attempt to snag M&Ms or any other tiny items. 

Meanplan Mini Claw Dinosaur Machine ($30.99/24ct)—Buy Here!

Mini Magnetic Drawing Boards

mini sketch pads on keychains
Bedwina on Amazon

Draw, erase, and clip it to a backpack for later. These magnetic drawing boards are sure to be hit.

Mini Magnetic Drawing Boards ($18.49/12ct)—Buy Here!

Kawaii Squishy Animal Set

small squishy animal toys
KINGYAO on Amazon

Adorable, squishy animals in various shapes and a larger size than other squishies. Perfect for sensory play and stress relief.

Kawaii Squishy Animal Set ($8.99)—Buy Here!

Mini Paint Kits


A party favor that doubles as a party activity makes these mini paint kits such a win.

Mini Paint Kits ($22.99)—Buy Here!

Who Would Win Complete Collection

collection of who would win books

Hammerhead versus bull shark? Green ants versus army ants? Little party guests get to find out which critter would win when you add one of these books to their goody bags.

Who Would Win Complete Collection ($78.99/25ct)—Buy Here!

Rainbow Scratch Pads

set of scratch pads
Marspark on Amazon

Coloring with less mess is always the goal, and these scratch pads come with wooden styluses that reveal rainbow colors that highlight your little ones' drawings.

Rainbow Scratch Pads ($18.99/24ct)—Buy Here!

No-Tie Shoelaces

neon no-tie shoelaces

Kiddos can customize their kicks with this set of 12 no-tie laces. Each set includes a pair of 12 laces.

No-Tie Shoelaces ($7.99)—Buy Here!

Love Capsule Jars

love notes jar
Emlim on Amazon

For older kids, have everyone write 2 or 3 nice things about each party guest, put them into their friends' jars, and everyone gets to open them at home later.

Love Capsule Jars ($6.99/ea)—Buy Here!

Invisible Ink Pens with UV Light

invisible ink pens

These pens let kids write their secret message on paper and then uncover what was written with the included UV light.

Invisible Ink Pens with UV Light ($23.99/24pk)—Buy Here!

Cat's Cradle String Activity Book

cat's cradle book
Klutz on Amazon

Complete with string, this easy-to-follow instruction book includes 5 different string figures little ones can create over and over.

Cat's Cradle String Activity Book ($9.95)—Buy Here!

Kellogg's Cereal Box Puzzles

Spin Master on Amazon

Save the sugar and gift these adorable mini cereal box puzzles.

Kellogg's Cereal Box Puzzles ($9.97/6pk)—Buy Here!

LEGO City Demolition Stunt Bike Building Kit

LEGO on Amazon

LEGO has several options to choose from so party guests can build their own at the party or after.

LEGO City Demolition Stunt Bike Building Kit ($11.69)—Buy Here!

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron

Creativity for Kids on Amazon

Create and decorate a fleet of 20 paper airplanes with this fun set.

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron ($5.99)—Buy Here!

On The Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pad

water coloring set
Melissa & Doug

The chunky water pen is easy to fill and use to "color" the 4 reusable scenes in this activity book. Available in several different options.

On The Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pad ($5.97)—Buy Here!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Color & Wash Set

Crayola on Amazon

Little ones will love decorating these cute ocean creatures, washing them off, and storing them in this handy beach environment/carrying case.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Color & Wash Set ($11.40)—Buy Here!

Gross Me Out Mad Libs

mad libs book

What kid doesn't love grossing everyone out and Mad Libs? It's the perfect combination.

Gross Me Out Mad Libs ($5.99)—Buy Here!

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Craft Kits Set

Melissa & Doug

This set of 3 includes a plane, train, and car; just grab a couple of kits and you'll be able to cover the whole party.

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Craft Kits Set ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Polly Pocket

polly pocket
Polly Pocket

Yep, Polly is still going strong, even after being one of our favorites when we were kids. Pick up a few different sets, or grab the same one in your party's theme for all your guests.

Polly Pocket ($12.00)—Buy Here!

Beaded Phone Wrist Strap


This super cute phone strap comes in yellow, blue, and pink.

Beaded Phone Wrist Strap ($6.99/ea)—Buy Here!

Mess-Free Watercolor Painting Kit

mess free paint pads

These are so brilliant. Each watercolor book has thick pages, a brush, and a palette of watercolors. All your tiny artists need is a cup of water and their imagination. Available in multi-packs, too.

Mess-Free Watercolor Painting Kit ($7.99/ea - $25.99/5pk)—Buy Here!

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