Tinybeans is an anti-racist company against systemic racism toward Black people and all people of color. We stand for justice, equality and humanity, and we support our Black families, co-workers, partners and community. One of the ways to do that directly is by supporting Black-owned businesses, many of which have suffered greatly in recent years. Here are just a few of the many wonderful businesses that offer products for kids and families.


This Is Tisa

Tisa Jackson is a DIY crafter and organization expert. This mom creates fun, modern paper products. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, shiny, blinged-out creations—she’s got you covered there too. On top of that, she also hosts crafting workshops to share her skills with the masses.

Visit Tisa's shop here.

Clever Girl Crafts

Lydia Diaz is a mother and wife on a mission. She created Clever Girl Crafts to share her creations and advice to encourage women of color to take their crafting to the next level. She created a place to learn tips on popular crafting tools and mediums through her tutorials. She creates with resin, Glowforge, Circuit, Silhouette and more.

Visit her shop here.


Jonah's Hands

Jonah Larson is a crocheter, author and philanthropist. He is also a teenager and crochet expert who began honing his craft at just five years old. His company, Johah’s Hands, puts his talent on full display and won him national attention (hello, Drew Barrymore show). Aside from creating everything from scarves to sweaters and toys, he’s also authored two books! On his site, Jonah shares tutorials to help others learn to crochet.

Find Jonah's collection here.


Brooklyn Blooms

Are you looking for a truly unique florist? Brooklyn Blooms is inspired by nature, fashion and art, and it shows! LaParis Phillip owns Brooklyn Blooms, and her creations play with color and texture to create signature looks. She runs the brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn, NYC where she does beautifully custom floral arrangements. 

Go here to check them out.

Dream Crochet Shoppe

You’ve heard of fast fashion, right? It’s trendy clothes that you can get quickly and at cheap prices. It sounds good, but it’s made of cheap materials that don’t last and end up harming the environment. Well, Ashlee Elle is a believer in the opposite—slow fashion. She owns Dream Crochet Shoppe, where she sells handmade crochet clothing. Her designs are inspired and incredibly creative. She features her works for sale through videos on her Instagram and YouTube pages.

Find her designs here.


Royal Nation

Becoming a mom makes you see things with a new set of eyes. which was the case for Lauren Hayes. A mom of two, she noticed that even though kids often gravitate toward clothes that feature superheroes they love, those superheroes don't always reflect diversity. So she started Royal Nation, a kids' streetwear brand with a focus on representation. Her unique business aims to bridge the gap of representation in childrenswear.

Find the shop here.


There’s just something about Southern food and desserts! Enter Chef Liz. Dedicated to making innovative Southern comfort food, she’s opened hot spot restaurants, and her latest creation is making history. She’s the owner of the only Black-owned national ice cream brand, Creamalicisous. It’s a two-in-one dessert that pairs freshly baked pastries with homemade ice cream. She crafts flavors that give a not-so-subtle nod to the southern desserts you love. There’s Porch Light Peach Cobbler and Right as Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake, just to name a couple! The flavors are unique, and the names are a celebration of her roots and community.

Check them out here.

Rebecca Allen Inc.

Good ideas come when you’re seeking to fill a need. That is the case with Rebecca Allen. After searching for sophisticated forward in the perfect nude shade and coming up empty, Rebecca decided to create her own. Now her company, Rebecca Allen Inc., creates luxury footwear for women with Black and brown skin tones at the forefront. Her label is the newest Black-owned brand to have launched in Nordstrom. The collection includes timeless styles like skimmers, pumps and two-strap heels. The company not only focuses on Black and Brown communities but the environment as well. Their shoes are created in small batches to create less waste.

Find them here.

CURLē Beauty

Calling all curlies! While having a head full of popping curls is celebrated today, it wasn’t always that way. That’s what drove Mona El-Gharby to start CURLē Beauty. She set out to change the way curls are perceived. This Black and women-owned start-up creates a customized hair care line for natural, curly hair. CURLē is about the empowerment of natural hair. The company strives to empower you to take charge of your natural hair by offering you solutions to your curly hair problems.

Go here for more.

Power Bites!

Sometimes finding a balance between tasty and healthy can feel impossible. Even more so when it comes to feeding kids. Dad, chef and business owner Sharif Rasheed found a solution: Almost by accident, he created a granola bar that his teething son would enjoy. Made with dates, oats, sea salt and other healthy ingredients, they are an easy snacking solution and are available in a variety of flavors. Even better, the company is doing its part to combat food insecurity. Through partnerships with schools in various communities, their snacks are offered as a healthy option. A percentage of their sales also goes to help teachers.

Learn more here.

Tiny Tots and Tikes

Black and Brown children live in a world where they rarely see images that look like them, now a mom has launched a line of wall decals to change that. Inspired by her young daughter, Pastor, mom, and founder of Tiny Tots and Tikes, Cynthia Jackson created a line of decals that reflect positive and creative Black images so that little Black girls and boys will be inspired through their walls. With categories like sports, princesses and inspirational, there's something for every child's interest in this collection. 

You can find them here

Snack Voyage

International travel can be difficult for families during a normal year and the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened parents' ability to introduce their kids to the different cultures and tastes of the world. 

Ome Enebeli, a single mom, and her daughter, Daniella, both share a passion for travel and food. As the days staying home added up, they conceived an idea to fulfill their dream of finding a way to continue bonding over the international culinary wonders the world has to offer without traveling.

It wasn’t long before Snack Voyage was born. Designed to provide a tasty, travel experience from the comfort of your home, customers can choose from two subscriptions:

  • The country box: ships once a month and contains a minimum of 12 snacks selected from one country with the country changing every month 
  • The assorted box: provides customers with a world tour every month and boasts a minimum of 12 snacks from a variety of countries to keep their taste buds guessing 

With each snack box, subscribers receive a country flag, a boarding pass to mark which snacks they like the most and a tourist guide to help them track their tasty travels around the world and learn more about each country’s culture. Additionally, subscribers have access to trivia games to test their knowledge of the world. 

Shop here: snackvoyage.com

The Sip

The Sip Society

Do you know what happens when you crack a BIG bottle of champagne alone? You end up either regretting it the next day or wasting half a bottle. The Sip, a Black-woman-owned business, solves this issue and brings a delightful sparkle to any mom's glass. The Sip offers high-end sparkling wines in either gift boxes (like this one, which comes complete with a "Sip shooter; the classy way to down a glass of bubbly") or a bi-monthly subscription box that allows you to taste high-end sparkling wines without breaking the bank. 

Learn more here.



This Black-owned business offers an array of comfortable, festive clothes for kids in brightly colored prints all handmade by Nigerian artisans, so not only are you supporting a great business, you are helping to offer skills, job training and resources to an impoverished region of the world. They also feature super-stylish "mommy and me" styles. Made with beautiful, functional and incredibly durable fabrics, kids can be party-ready even if they're staying home. The collections include dresses as well as shorts and shirts. 

Learn more here.

Legendary Rootz

Legendary Rootz

Legendary Rootz celebrates Black culture, one tee at a time. Raven Gibson, creator and owner says the brand’s purpose is to "give Black Women a platform to be authentically themselves through powerful, statement-driven apparel and Afrocentric home decor."  The collection is available for women, men and children.

Check them out here

Nokware Skincare

courtesy Nokware Skincare

Founded by two African women who met in Paris while attending graduate school, Nokware is a natural beauty care line that sources herbs and oils like shea butter and calabashes from women-led co-operatives in different regions of Africa. The line offers iconic items like African black soaps and Shea butter, but there are also lip balms, facial cleansers and oils. You can shop by skin type or problem, which allows you to cater the products to your needs. You can buy gift boxes for friends and if you aren't sure what you need, there are even samples available for purchase. 

Check out the line here.

Little Likes Kids

Little Likes Kids

Little Likes Kids was founded by Kemi Tignor after she discovered a lack of toy options that represented her son and his experiences. Featuring recognizable and happy scenes, Little Likes Kids makes it easy for parents and caregivers to buy toys that celebrate their kids' world. 

Find out more here.  

CurlyKids & CurlyChic Hair


CurlyKids and their sister brand CurlyChic are Black-owned, family-operated and women-led. The products are available at Target, Walmart, Sally Beauty, Kroger and independent beauty supply stores globally.

See the line here

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen for Kids is an everyday SPF 50 moisturizing sunscreen lotion for face and body. Especially created for people of color using natural ingredients including carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado and shea butter. Oxybenzone and Paraben free, it leaves no white residue.

See it here

The Eco Baby Co.

Teething Zebra/Deer
The Eco Baby Co.

The Eco Baby Co. specializes in carrying zero waste, conscious essentials for motherhood through toddlerhood.

See the line here.

Koia Coffee

Koia Coffee.

It's no secret that moms love coffee and this black-founded coffee company gets that. Koia Coffee drinks are so much more than just a cold coffee, though. Think of it as the one-stop-shop for moms: not only does it have more caffeine than two cups of coffee, it doubles as breakfast with 9g of plant-based protein and C8 MCT oil. It's organic and fair trade, as well as being sugar and dairy free. 

Check them out here.

Just Like Me! Box

Just Like Me! Box

Every month, subscribers receive a themed Just Like Me! Box full of books and selected top-quality items delivered right to their front door. As your child gets older, the book selections will increase in difficulty. 

Subscribe here

Little Muffin Cakes Baby Boutique

Little Muffin Cakes Baby Boutique

Little Muffin Cakes Baby Boutique is a character-based brand established to present high-quality merchandise in the Marketplace that reflects the diversity of beauty in children. They provide a wide assortment of products from baby blankets and bibs to birthday party invitations, all featuring relatable images.

See the boutique here.

HarperIman Dolls

HarperIman Dolls

HarperIman Dolls and accessories were created by mother/daughter duo, Cynthia Watkins and Kathryn Burnett. These handmade dolls come in different sizes and skin tones, and they feature a variety of hair types from braided up-dos to tight curls. There is also a wide assortment of clothing and accessories available as well.

See the dolls here

Ozzie + Olive

Ozzie Olive

These comfy shirts from Ozzie + Olive make a statement.

See the entire line here


Pretty Please Teethers

Pretty Please Teethers

Pretty Please Teethers mission is to create stylish natural-made items for little ones. All of the products are made from 100% food-grade silicone and natural beechwood beads/rings.

See them all here

Izzy & Liv

Izzy & Liv

Lifestyle brand Izzy & Liv has everything from house decor to apparel and even a subscription box for tweens and teens. Check out their online shop for beauty products, jewelry, hats, totes and even gear for dads!  

Visit the shop here

Teni and Tayo Creations

Teni and Tayo Creations

From toys and books to clothes and more, Teni and Tayo Creations take pride in sharing a piece of African culture in every product and workshop they create, like this adorable backpack.

Check out the full story and shop here



MOODEAUX is a recently launched clean luxury fragrance line connecting smelling good with feeling good. Founded by Brianna Arps, all MOODEAUX products are free of alcohol, dye, water and chemicals, and smell divine.

Shop the collection here


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—Camesha Gosha with Jennifer Swartvagher

Got a business to add? Email us at blm@tinybeans.com.

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