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There are two things we know kids love—a good laugh and YouTube. We did a bit of research (for ourselves as much as you!) in order to find channels that provide kid-friendly content with tons of chuckles, and we’re pretty sure we hit the jackpot. From a family big on an adventure to a cooking show with laughs mixed in, here are our suggestions for the best funny YouTube channels for kids. 

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Kids Fun TV
Recreate movies? Check! Solve mysteries? Check! Family competition? Check! This family is sure to make you laugh through all of their antics. This crew is known as the fun squad, and it’s easy to see why. They are big on an adventure with no shortage of funny skits and jokes!. On top of everything else, they sing, so be on the lookout for a music video here and there! 

Kids React
Do you know the tv show “kids say the darnedest things?” That might be one of the best ways to describe this channel. This is a weekly show where kids ages 5-14 watch and give their honest, off-the-cuff reaction to viral videos, jokes and more. It's no secret that kids are known for having no filter, and the results here are hilarious!

Nerdy Nummies
Rosanna Pansino is the delightful star of the Nerdy Nummies channel, a cooking show where she makes delicious desserts. Many of her goodies are based on cartoon characters or toys, so it's no surprise that kids LOVE her! She makes baking masterpieces fun while making it seem totally doable at home. She’s funny, creative and bakes treats that are #goals! What’s not to love?

Eli’s Fun World
Nine-year-old Eli and his mom team up to share his Fun World, and they are always game for a good time. Follow along as Eli takes his first ride on a dirt bike, “moves out” of the house or the one where he transforms into Bruno Mars—vocals included. They also love a good challenge like the last one out of the hot tub gets $1000! Yes, $1000. 

Cali’s Playhouse
Let the funny shenanigans begin! Seven-year-old Cali and her little sister are adorable, unpredictable and funny. They have all kinds of adventures and pranks, like the one when Cali showed her Dad her newly pierced belly button! They also don’t shy away from challenges; you have to see the one that every kid would like to try—Cali switching places with her mom for 24 hours!

HiHo Kids
This channel is full of amusing videos of kids meeting people with unique backgrounds, playing games and trying unusual foods. As you can imagine, kids unscripted equals funny! It’s great to see kids flex their curiosity and learn about differences in a lighthearted and funny way. 

Ryan’s World
Ryan's World is a hugely popular and funny YouTube channel for small kids. It features Ryan Kaji with his parents and twin sisters. Their channel is full of skits, challenges and crafts. Ryan has become a huge star on and off YouTube, so your kids probably know exactly who he is. He even has his own line of toys and shoes!

—Camesha Gosha

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The Hottest School Supplies on Amazon Right Now

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Somehow, we’re coming to the end of summer already, and we’ll be back to school before we know it. While the new school year is still going to look a bit different than before, back-to-school supplies are still a must. The coolest supplies always help to get kids ready to leave the summer daze behind, so we’ve searched for some of the best school supplies that you can snag on Amazon right now. Keep reading to see them all.

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Pastel Tie-Dye The Happy Planner 12-Month Student Planner

Perfect for middle and high schoolers, The Happy Planner's classic options leave plenty of room for navigating homework, while leaving tons of room for creativity. We love the plethora of cover options and tons of sticker books to make planning fun.

Get it on, $27.99

Mood Tracker Planner

This school year will feel different for many reasons. The Mood Tracker Planner gives kids the space to plan their days and process their feelings in a safe space.

Get it on $14.99.

photo: Amazon

Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters

Talk about life-changing, these erasable highlights are going to be the top school supply this year, we know it! 

Available on Amazon, $5.99. 

photo: Amazon

Fidget Backpack Charm

These poppers are all the rage and your little one will love having one on their backpack to fiddle with while they wait for you to pick them up from school. 

Available on Amazon, $14.98 for five. 

Smencils Scented Pencils

Remember growing up with scratch and sniff stickers? Then you'll appreciate these sweet-smelling pencils. The scents, which include Bubble Gum, Blue Slushie, Pineapple Swirl and Jelly Donut are guaranteed to last two years. These #2 pencils pull double duty. They smell great and they're great for the environment because they're made from 100% recycled newspapers.

Available on, $14.99.


This smart notebook is just that. It only has 32 pages, but that's all you'll need. Kids can draw and write over and over again on the reusable pages that come in plain, lined and dotted. With the Rocketbook app, your kids' artwork can automatically be saved to the cloud, so you can save some trees and room on your fridge. 

Available at, $24.73.

FriXion Erasable Gel Pens

Everything is better in color! Including these gel ink pens. Kids can let their artistic flair flow with no stress. Even if they happen to color outside the lines, no worries, these pens are totally erasable!

Available at, $9.83.

Bear Pencil Sharpeners

These cute bear-themed sharpeners will help you stay on point and keep your pencils and crayons looking brand new all year long.

Available at, $6.99.

Animal Erasers

These awesome erasers will cleanly take away your mistakes. They even go a step further with a roller to clean up your eraser rollings so your masterpiece stays that way. 

Available at, $6.89.

Pusheen Backpack Charm

A great way to stand out in sea of backpacks? Charms for your backpack are the perfect way to accessorize for school. This adorable Pusheenicorn will make a dose of magic to the school year.

Available at, $8.73. 

Strawberry Scented Notebook

Taking notes will put you in a good mood with this bright notebook. It doesn't hurt that it oozes a delicious strawberry fragrance. 

Available at, $8.79.

Zipit Wildlings Pencil Case

These pencil cases are the cutest monsters you want to carry with you. They can stash up to 30 pencils and keep them zipped up till you need them. It's a practical case with a unique one zipper design with five colors to choose from. 

Available at, $7.99.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Kids can keep their minds sharp with educational games, apps, TV shows and movies on the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet. 

Available at, $199.99.

Sensory Fidget Robot Pencil Toppers

When the busy school schedule kicks in, things can get a little stressful. These rubbery pencil toppers will help ease some of that stress. They help with nail and pencil biting by offering something safe to chew. The toppers are made with 100% safe silicon and are washable. One less thing to stress over already.

Available at, $14.99.

Glow-In-The-Dark Glue

Your kids' love of slime isn't going anywhere any time soon. May as well make it cool with Elmer's Glow-In-The-Dark glue. 

Available at, $14.60.

First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

No first day back to school is complete without the perfect photo-op. These made-to-order posters will do the trick for a Pinterest-perfect post. 

Available at, $18.77.

Panda Stapler

There couldn't be a cuter way for keeping kids' papers together. This mini panda stapler will help keep school work organized - adorably.

Available on, $4.99.

—Camesha Gosha

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Mother’s Day 2021 is right around the corner, and this year, instead of the flowers and mugs, what better way to celebrate the mother figure in your life than gifting something moms need at every stage—support. How can you do that? By making a donation in honor of mom to an organization that dedicates itself to helping women and mothers everywhere, but especially those living in diverse communities. From the Black Mamas Matter Alliance to Every Mother Counts, these groups are vital to making real change that will help all parents and kids get through life safely and healthy. We’ve highlighted our top charities to give to below, so keep reading, and get ready to be inspired!

Every Mother Counts

For many women, pregnancy and childbirth aren’t joyful experiences. There are many reasons for this including lack of quality health care and discrimination. Every Mother Counts is dedicated to ensuring that women have access to quality maternal care by investing in organizations that make quality, respectful and equitable care possible.

Learn more and donate here. 


The National Birth Equity Collaborative

The National Birth Equity Collaborative focuses on creating solutions to issues in Black maternal and infant health. They do that through various efforts, including training and advocating for policy change. Their work helps to create the conditions for the assurance of optimal births for all people.

Learn more and donate here.

Mamatoto Village

Mamatoto Village aims to offer creative solutions to combat health disparities for moms and their babies. That could look like anything from creating a path to careers in maternal health to providing access to services so moms can make informed decisions. The core values of the village include advocacy, equity and being inclusive.

Learn more and donate here.


Black Mamas Matter Alliance

Black Mamas Matter Alliance champions rights, respect and resources for mothers. Their mission is to advocate for Black mothers. They push for research and policy changes when it comes to maternal health, rights and justice.

Learn more and donate here. 


Moms Rising

Moms Rising educates the public about issues facing women and mothers. They work by starting grassroots efforts to bring awareness to issues, amplifying the voices of millions of women and pursueing policy changes.

Learn more and donate here. 


Shades of Blue Project

Shades of Blue Project is dedicated to breaking cultural barriers in maternal health mental health. They are a presence for women before, during and after giving birth. They are committed to changing the way healthcare systems engage with patients.

Learn more and donate here.

Lotto Love

LottoLove aims to make moms feel good while helping women around the world. LottoLove is the first-ever scratch-off card with a social mission. For every scratch card purchased, the organization donates to charities they’ve partnered with. Those charities provide clean water and literacy tools, among other things, to people in over 60 countries.

Learn more and donate here.


The Finley Project

The Finley Project is very personal for the founder, Noelle Moore, who tragically lost her newborn daughter. The organization was started to help mothers after the heartbreaking loss of an infant. It supports mothers physically, mentally and spiritually—at no cost to them.

Learn more and donate here. 

The Homeless Prenatal Program

The Homeless Prenatal Program has the goal to break the cycle of childhood poverty. How do they do this? Most people are extra motivated to create a better way of life when they are pregnant. The program uses that motivation to help families discover their strengths and trust in their ability to change their lives. 

Learn more and donate here.


Commonsense Childbirth

Commonsense Childbirth is dedicated to better birthing experiences for women and families. They focus on safety and quality in their quest for equitable maternal care. They also never turn a mom away—regardless of ability to pay. 

Learn more and donate here.

—Camesha Gosha


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