Blogger Shares 20 Funny & Relatable “Crappy Mom Confessions”

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1467310502-olivia1Photo: Cosmopolitan

We love moms who keep it real, and we’re convinced that’s why a post by Australian blogger Olivia White is going viral. Olivia penned a post on her blog, House of White, titled “20 Crappy Mum Confessions” and moms everywhere are relating to her hilarious admissions. Check out our five favorite confessions below, then read all of them on her blog.


2. I smelt poo, but I waited till my husband noticed it so I didn’t have to change it.

9. I told my daughter her annoying phone toy was broken when really I just removed the batteries.

13. I use my kids to get out of social engagements all the time. “Sorry, babe, the baby’s really sick so we’re gonna stay home.”

16. I let my toddler eat from the bag of grapes while we’re shopping just to keep her quiet.

20. I have a ‘wine allowance’ in our weekly shopping budget.

Don’t miss the rest! Read the full list at House of White.

How many confessions can you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Cosmopolitan