This New App Is Like a Pediatrician in Your Pocket

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Getting quality healthcare for your kiddo just got easier. Blueberry Pediatrics is a new app that gives you access to a virtual pediatrician 24/7!

Whether your littles all have the same tummy ache, you’re not sure if your newborn is nursing enough, or you have any other concern, Blueberry is like a pediatrician in your pocket.

Access the app for a visit with a board-certified pediatrician any time day or night. Blueberry’s doctors are on call whenever you need them for whatever you need them for.

Jonathan Kahan, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Blueberry Pediatrics, said in a press release, “As a doctor and a father myself, I know firsthand the anxiety that comes from caring for your sick child. There’s nothing more reassuring than having an expert to call for help, and that’s what our team provides.”

Kahan added, “With the low cost of membership and the high value of care, we want parents to see us as a vital part of their medical solution, a subscription that every family should have to navigate their children’s health.”

The Blueberry Pediatrics app is currently available for users in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas on iOS, Android and online. To use the app, join Blueberry Pediatrics for a monthly membership fee ($18 for one month).

After you join, a call will be scheduled with Blueberry’s Chief Pediatrician and you’ll be introduced to the Blueberry pediatric team. When a question, concern, or illnesses creeps up, just use the app to schedule a virtual appointment with a board-certified pediatrician and you’ll be chatting within 15 minutes.

You’ll also get an at-home medical kit (one time $100 fee) that includes a finger pulse oximeter, ear infection kit and forehead thermometer. Visit the Blueberry Pediatrics website here for more information.

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Blueberry Pediatrics



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