You’re going to want to send this to your special someone, because they so deserve a boo basket

Whether you’ve heard of them or not yet, boo baskets are the newest Halloween-y project that’s gone viral. How do we know? TikTok, obviously. TikTok creator @emmasemingson‘s video seems to be at the heart of the trend (though we can’t say for sure whether or not she’s the Boo Basket Originator, she definitely knows her stuff).



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See? Apparently, friends, you are entitled to a basket chock full of fall and Halloween goodies and we didn’t even know it. A boo basket is basically a basket (surprise!) with all sorts of little gifts and treats to celebrate the season. Wives and girlfriends appear to make up the bulk of recipients, though, of course, you can make a boo basket for anyone in your life. In fact, there are some people who use the ‘pass it along’ method of ‘booing’ someone. They leave a basket for a friend or neighbor, and that’s their cue to make one for someone else. But, you can give them however you want!

And, sure, it may feel like they’re just another thing to worry about during an already busy season, but trust us. These are seriously adorable, and, as TikTok creator Hunter from the account @maya.and.hunter points out, if your wife sends you a video of something, go ahead and do that something.


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So, we highly recommend you send this list to your boyfriend, husband, or partner with a winky emoji, just as a little hint. If you’re looking for inspiration yourself, you’re definitely in the right place, too. Either way, we’ve got all sorts of great ideas for filling your fall/Halloween gift basket for your favorite people. Choose your basket and get to creating with our picks below!

A Pumpkin Pair for Their Fall Feet


It's cooler outside—finally. And while we're loving it, our feet? Not so much. Keep them toasty with these slippers! Available in 3 colors and several sizes.

Pumpkin Slippers ($23.99)—Buy Here!

Scents That Are Delightfully Villainous


Their Pura diffuser could use a little Disney villain magic. Each one of these scents is inspired by a different favorite Disney character that'll fill the house with Pura's signature smart scents. If they don't have a Pura diffuser yet, throw one in, too!

Pura Disney Villains Collection ($12.79/ea)—Buy Here!

A Cocktail & Mocktail Mix That Tastes Like Magic

Williams Sonoma

Made with a fruity blend of blackberry juice, blood orange juice and lemon juice, our haunting cocktail mixer is highlighted with ginger and subtly sweetened with agave. Its bewitching purple hue and syrupy texture create a spellbinding beverage—mix with vodka or sparkling water!

Witches Brew Drink Mix ($22.95)—Buy Here!

A Crystal Pumpkin They Can Display All Year


Pick from 16 real natural stones that fit their style! You really can't go wrong with any of them.

Natural Stone Pumpkin ($7.36)—Buy Here!

A 40oz Tumbler, but Make It Spooky


'Obsessed' is probably an understatement when we talk about our feelings toward this adorable tumbler. It's available in multiple colors and you can even add a super cute tumbler topper!

Halloween 40oz Tumbler ($14.95+)—Buy Here!

A Spice Blend No Self-Respecting Fall Lover Can Resist


Pumpkin Spice is the magic word that makes the leave change color (we think). Even if that's not totally true, this Pumpkin Spice blend from Spiceology can be used in so. many. ways. Coffee, baking, over oatmeal, just to smell...the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Pumpkin Spice ($14.95)—Buy Here!

Socks They Can Wear with Booties, Boots, or Lounging


Combine autumn colors and sweet smileys for the perfect sock set.

Smiley Face Sock Set ($16.99)—Buy Here!

A Set of Tiny Ghosts to Hold Tiny Arrangements


Who doesn't need an adorable ghost on their desk, bedside table, or windowsill? Available in a single or set of 2.

Tiny Ghost Vase ($18.50+)—Buy Here!

A Makeup Bag They'll Use Every Day


It's made of canvas, so it's soft and durable. It's perfect for holding Halloween makeup and/or daily cosmetics.

Skeleton Cosmetic Bag ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Magnets to Decorate Anything From the Fridge to the Car


These Hocus Pocus magnets are waterproof, so they can use them inside and out this season. Comes in a 12-pack.

Hocus Pocus Magnets ($14.99)—Buy Here!

A Sugar Skull Couple Statue Set for Your Ghoulfriend (or Whoever)


How sweet is this romantic little statue set? Made from resin, they're designed to sit on the ledge of your choosing—bookcases, windows, you pick.

Sugar Skull Couple Statue Set ($16.14)—Buy Here!

A Set of Vintage Mugs to Make Their Morning Coffee or Tea Extra Special


These gorgeous glass coffee and tea cups are available in several colors, too. 

Vintage Mugs Set of 2 ($21.99)—Buy Here!

A Catchall Dish That Doubles as Art

Uncommon Goods

Pick the tarot card that most resonates, or grab them all for a full spread that's as pretty as it is functional!

Tarot Card Catchall Dish ($45.00)—Buy Here!

A Scent to Bring on the Nostalgia


Red berries, cardamom, cedarwood, and moss make up this unisex scent that invokes feelings of an autumn day!

Maison Margiela REPLICA Autumn Vibes ($85.00)—Buy Here!

A Bath Bomb Perfect for Good Witches

Lush USA

This fun, fizzy, dragonfruit bath bomb from Lush turns their bath into a swirling relaxing brew!

Magic Potion Bath Bomb ($8.50)—Buy Here!

A Set of 2 Glass Tumblers with Lids & Straws to Protect Their Cold (Witches) Brew


Whether they're Halloween fans, fall fans, or both, this adorable tumbler set will help them keep their favorite drinks close.

Set of 2 Pink Pumpkin Glass Tumblers ($23.99)—Buy Here!

A Phone Case with All the Fall Vibes


This case is like a fall filter for your whole phone. We're also loving the collage style!

Fall Collage Phone Case ($11.90)—Buy Here!

An Oh-So-Chic Slouchy Beanie in Any Color They Could Want


With 30 colors to choose from, this on-trend slouchy beanie is available in 30 colors, so you can get one for everyone on your boo basket list.

Wool Slouchy Beanie ($13.99)—Buy Here!

A Coed-Style Tee They Can Layer with Cardigans


Choose from black, white, army green, and cream in sizes XS-XXL.

Varsity Fall Ombre Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($30.99)—Buy Here!

The Most Beautiful Lollipops They've Ever Seen (Probably)

I Want Candy

These are a serious showstopper. Each lollipop is individually wrapped and available in 8 flavors. They're almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Funky Fall Pattern Lollipops 6pc ($21.00)—Buy Here!

A Coffee Blend Made for the Season


Spice, toasted nuts, and arabica coffee? That's the perfect fall blend.

Starbucks Ground Coffee, Fall Blend ($13.48)—Buy Here!

Essential Oils for Creating a Halloween Ambiance


Move over lavender and tea tree. Diffuse pumpkin pie, marshmallow, caramel corn, and more! This is the set they'll use every year.

Halloween Essential Oil Set ($16.95)—Buy Here!

Shower Steamers to Make Their Whole Bathroom Smell Like Autumn


With three different scents: Pumpkin Chai, Mountain Hike, and Sweater Weather, this 6-pack of shower steamers is like a weekly fall spa experience.

Fall Festival Shower Steamers ($13.59)—Buy Here!

Magnetic Notepads Because the Fridge Deserves to be Decked Out, Too


This set of notepads are all adorable, so you can split them up between everyone on your Boo Basket list, or keep a few for yourself (we don't judge).

Halloween Magnetic Notepads 6-pk ($13.99)—Buy Here!

A Shimmery Pumpkin-Hued Nail Color


This nail polish is aptly called Pumpkin Patch and we can't get over the shimmery Jack-o-lantern warm color.

ILNP Pumpkin Patch Nail Color ($10.00)—Buy Here!

A Pair of Boo-hoo...Boho Chic Earrings


These beauties are handmade and lightweight, plus they're a more 'grown-up' version of the light-up pumpkin earrings we used to wear, right?

Beaded Pumpkin Earrings ($4.99)—Buy Here!

A Stanley-Sipping, Belt Bag-Wearing Ghost Because


Is it weird we relate to this ghost on a spiritual level (pardon the pun)? Available in a sweatshirt or hoodie and several different colors!

BOO-JEE Sweatshirt ($18.32+)—Buy Here!

A High-Protein Snack with a Twist

Nutty Novelties

Whether they're already almond butter fans or not, they'll love this on crackers, bread, in recipes, apples, and more!

Cinnamon Almond Butter ($11.69)—Buy Here!

A Fancy Caviar (Without the Fish)

Chosen Foods

Made with 100% pure avocado oil and a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, this Pumpkin Spice Olive Oil Caviar is best with ice cream, coffee, pastries, and more.

Chosen Foods Pumpkin Spice Olive Oil Caviar ($19.99)—Buy Here!

A Watch Band They Can Dress Up or Down


Black is the new black this spooky season, and the unique pattern and texture of this watch band goes with everything!

Black Metal Apple Watch Band ($19.99)—Buy Here!


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