When you see his skills, you’ll probably agree

For most first graders, heroes are sports stars, actors, singers, maybe even a parent. But 7-year-old Max Alexander is not your average first grader. He calmly (and confidently) told People magazine that he was Gucci in a past life, and once you see his absolutely incredible dressmaking and fashion design work, you’ll see why we kind of think it’s true.

According to People, Max started designing clothes when he was just four years old, and no one even knows where he got the idea.

“We were at dinner during the lockdown, and he just literally announced, ‘I need a mannequin,'” his mom, Sherri Madison, recalled. “He was very serious. No laughing. I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve never seen you interested in fashion. What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘That’s because I don’t have a mannequin. If you get me a mannequin, I’ll show you. I’m a dressmaker.'”

We all know toddlers. Sometimes they just say weird things like that and you never figure out where they came from. But, uh, Max may have actually been channeling the ghost of the fashion house founder, because his mom made him his first mannequin out of cardboard, and sure enough, he was a dressmaker. Like, instantly.

Today, the precocious kid’s Instagram is filled with videos of him designing and sewing clothes.

The word “prodigy” shouldn’t be thrown around lightly, but this kid is clearly it. His mom said she started teaching him how to sew, but he surpassed her skills before he was in kindergarten. It’s like he was just born with a brain already full of fashion genius.

Also, he’s so cute it should be illegal. Every one of his videos will make your jaw drop because this tiny little boy could win Project Runway tomorrow—but it’ll also make your heart burst because he’s just so full of joy for what he’s doing. He’s living his truest, best life and it’s so wonderful to see. Oh, and did we mention he’s already had a design commissioned by a celebrity? Yeah. A 7-year-old.

To say this kid is going places would be the wildest of understatements. Now please feel free to spend the rest of the day watching his Instagram videos like I (and the rest of the Tinybeans office) will be.

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