Thank the Gods: Brett Goldstein Is the MCU’s New Hercules

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Marvel reveals Brett Goldstein will join the MCU as Hercules.

Have you seen Thor: Love and Thunder? We hope you stayed til the way end and caught the signature Marvel extra scene because there was a big surprise awaiting and clearly we aren’t keeping it a secret.

After the credits scrolled by, the audience was treated to a reprise of Zeus and his harem of ladies. Like any god would do, Zeus has survived a lightning bolt to the chest and is now pretty angry at Thor for taking him off his heavenly throne.

No worries though, he’s decided to dispatch his son, Hercules, to take Thor down. Then we are treated to the epic reveal: Brett Goldstein will, henceforth, be known as Hercules!

Goldstein was just as surprised as everyone when he was asked to join the Marvel Comic Universe. “I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t tell my family. They put a chip in me that would explode if I f—ing spoke about it. It was terrifying,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

Somehow the actor was able to keep the entire scene a surprise, letting his parents find out when they went to see the film. He told EW that his mom texted him throughout the entire movie and was so enthralled with Russell Crowe’s final scene he was worried she might miss him all together.

But it appears his parents are now taking it in stride. “My dad keeps calling himself Zeus, so that’s an issue,” he says.

It remains to be seen just how Hercules will take part in the MCU, be it a new series or an upcoming film. Regardless, we can’t wait to see Goldstein take on the epic god role.

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