Bring the World to Your Children

Mownika Chawla

Mownika Chawla was born in India, but shortly after her birth, her family relocated to Texas. She stayed connected to her Indian heritage while in TX, and after her first child was born, HAVA was created.

Growing up in Texas as an Indian-American wasn’t easy. I wasn’t surrounded by people that looked like me, that ate the foods we ate at our dining table and I didn’t see other moms that dressed like mine. I often found myself very self-conscious of being so different and ultimately, that feeling impacted the way I saw myself and the world around me. These were the experiences I reflected on when I became a mother. I wanted to make sure my kids were surrounded by the tools and resources that would help them embrace their unique identity as well as learn to appreciate the differences they saw in others.

The most rapid brain development occurs in the first five years of a child’s life, and especially in the first three. During this time, teaching children about cultures and communities other than their own, encourages curiosity and helps develop empathy. When we teach children to see themselves as citizens of the world, we are doing our part in raising a stronger generation with greater respect and openness towards one another with a hope that as they grow, they see themselves bound together as a global community.

Since it’s not always possible to take kids out into the world to experience every community first hand, we rely on tools to bring the world to them. Different cultures can be explored through the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the books we read, the languages we speak and even by way of observing our own and new traditions. We are living in an unprecedented time of conscious parenting and because of that, there are more resources available than ever before to support our parenting to us in doing so.


Mila Dress - Indian Garden

Organic Cotton Dress


Featuring a wrap silhouette, this timeless, pint-size Mila day to night dress is as versatile as it is adorable. This organic dress is bound to be a favorite for moms and their littles.



Kai Vest - Jungle

Organic Cotton Vest


Inspired by full-grown formal wear, scaled down for little Saturday adventures and family gatherings alike.This GOTS certified organic vest is a wonderful way to brighten up your child's wardrobe.



Our Favorite Day of the Year

Book about holidays and traditions


In this charming story of friendship and celebrating differences, young readers can discover how entering a new friendship with an open mind and sharing parts of yourself brings people together. And the calendar of holidays at the end of the book will delight children as they identify special events they can celebrate with friends throughout the year



This is Our World

Discover the world


This Is Our World, written by Tracey Turner, is a colorful celebration of our planet’s cultural and environmental diversity―an unforgettable journey that brings the people, customs, and wildlife of 20 places around the world vividly to life for young readers. Our guides are children who tell us about the animals, plants, and weather that they encounter; the feasts and festivals they enjoy; and the clothes they wear, the way they learn, the languages they speak, and the sports and games they play



Sandwiches and Samosas

Food can bring us together


Absolutely EVERYONE brings sandwiches for lunch. No matter how much they love their home-cooked Indian food, Neeva and Nimi couldn't possibly pack something different in their lunchboxes . . . or could they? In this yummy tale of food around the world, one group of friends finds out how delicious diverse food can be! Food is a fun way to introduce different cultures to your child. Check out @thechutneylife and @lovelaughmirch on Instagram for delicious recipes for the whole family!



Habbi Habbi

Bilingual learning


Hearing languages spoken by a native speaker is invaluable in creating a foundation for our littles. This starter set is the perfect entry into Habbi Habbi's world of bilingual learning, offering a mix of Word, Phrase and Sentence books from their collection. Every inch of their books is tappable, bringing each page to life with sound and music. Language learning has never been so playful and fun! We use the Spanish starter set with our 7-month-old and 3-year-old and they both love it!



Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Journey of self empowerment


A young Asian girl notices that her eyes look different from her peers'. They have big, round eyes and long lashes. She realizes that her eyes are like her mother's, her grandmother's, and her little sister's. They have eyes that kiss in the corners and glow like warm tea, crinkle into crescent moons, and are filled with stories of the past and hope for the future. Drawing from the strength of these powerful women in her life, she recognizes her own beauty and discovers a path to self-love and empowerment. This powerful, poetic picture book will resonate with readers of all ages For more wonderful book and activity recommendations check out @shelvesofcolor on Instagram.



Miniland Family Diversity Blocks

Explore different types of families


Handling the game blocks facilitates the knowledge of the different family models that exist today. The game encourages respect for diversity through the verbalization of the different types of families.



InKidz Australia Day Box

Learn about Australia Day


Discover fun-filled games that Australians play on Australia Day with their family and friends. Explore a different dialect and learn new and unique words from Australia. Build early language skills, geographical awareness, and promote global understanding with these teaching tools in our box!



Shifu Orboot

Explore the world


Orboot Globe + app takes your child on an augmented reality based journey around the world. Fun. Interactive. Educational. Learn Geography, History, Environmental Science, and more. Theres so much to learn with this globe, you'll be learning along side your child!

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