Capture Baby’s First Year in 13 Funny & Sweet Hashtags

Your mom may have a memory book filled with photos, baby shoes and clippings from your first haircut, but you’ve already maxed out 20 gigs of cloud with photos of your baby. So while you’re Facebooking, tweeting, instagramming and tumblring every precious baby moment, include these 12 not-to-be-missed pics to commemorate your baby’s first year. #newmom #photocrazy #babylove

cuddlewithdad cc KJMcWilliams

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photo: Katie Jane McWilliams

1. #allnighter #aintwhatitusedtobe #daddysboy

Record those long nights and precious snuggles with a newborn. All-nighters won’t last forever (although it sure feels like they will).

brother sister train cc Angie Cernovich

photo: Angie Cernovich

2. #bigbrothers #instabffs #lilsis

The moment an older sibling meets the new baby for the first time is beyond words. Record the first hug and kiss so you can all remember it forever.

babyfeet cc MeganWoodard

photo: Megan Woodard

3. #tenfingers #tentoes

Make sure to photograph those adorable newborn hands and feet. It’s way easier than attempting that overrated ink print (#pinterestfail).

baby accessories cc MeganWoodard

photo: Megan Woodard

4.#toocuteforwords #glamourbaby

The day will come when you dress up your baby (out of boredom, exhaustion or for big laughs). From bows and beanies to sunglasses and Wu-Tang onesies, accessorize away and break out that camera.


sleeping baby cc stephen lightfoot flicker

photo: Stephen Lightfoot via Flickr

5. #sleepinglikeababy #sleepingbeauty

If only little ones understood the meaning of “sleeping like a baby.” When baby finally dozes off, snap a pic of that sweet, serene, non-howling face. And then sneak away and take your own nap.

baby food yuck cc kate_dave_hugh via flickr
photo: kate_dave_hugh via Flickr

6. #firstfood #lookatthatface #ihatecarrots

From baby food to finger food, don’t miss that first face of disgust (or delight). It’s fun to look back and see how kids’ favorite flavors change over time, and a messy face makes an awesome photo.

photo: gabeflorencio via Pixabay

7. #Iseeteeth #gummygrin #somuchdrool
Those tiny teeth may put baby and you through hell when they’re coming in, causing sleepless nights and tons of drool. But they make baby’s smile even cuter.

happy baby cc Julie Seguss

photo: Julie Seguss

8. #happybaby #babygiggles #babyinparadise

From gummy grins to deep belly giggles, nothing can make your heart burst like a laughing baby. Share the love with social media to make others smile.

fatbaby cc Kelly Thomas

photo: Kelly Thomas

9. #babyrolls #babyphat #thighsfordays

Who doesn’t love a six-pack of baby rolls? From chubby arms to those thick thighs, you’ll want to remember eat squishy fold.

babyglasses cc ashlygrzyb

photo: Ashly Grzyb

10. #babyselfie

Of course, the baby selfie. Your baby will soon take better selfies than you do. So say cheese now! The sillier the better.

baby steps cc tory via flickr

photo: Tory via Flickr

11. #gobabygo #newwalker #firststeps

You’ve got a walker! The sheer glee on baby’s face will make each photo. And get ready, because that baby just got a whole lot faster and harder to photograph.

photo: candice_rose via Pixabay

12. #firstbirthday #IamOne #smashcake

The cake smash makes for great before and after photos! You’ll want to remember that sweet outfit before it’s covered in icing. Then let your little one year old smash and smear while you keep snapping away.  

mombaby cc KJMcWilliams

photo: Katie Jane McWilliams

13. #momoftheyear #Isurvived

You did it! You made it through the first year without losing your mind completely (well, almost). And now you have lots of photos to look back on and smile.

Ashly Grzyb


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