Hip Headgear: 13 Toppers for Your Bald Baby

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No matter if you have a bald Charlie Brown or a Rapunzel with flowing locks, you can find the perfect (and cutest) head toppers to show off some hip baby style. From headbands and beanies to bonnets and crowns, you can accessorize every day of the week. So rub it, kiss it, or cover it with a hat. Give your baby’s little noggin some love with these 13 creative head accessories.

Hipster Knot Headband

If you have a sporty spice or hipster princess on your hands, check out these trendy knot headbands from Rox + Win Designs in awesome soft stretchy fabrics. They're super stylish, so buy one for every day of the week.

Available at Etsy.com, $5-$6.50.

How does your bald baby make a statement? Share it in the comments below.

-Ashly Grzyb