The Sweetest DIY Valentines to Make With Your Little One

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Just because your little one may not be crawling or walking yet, doesn’t mean he can’t get in on some Valentine-making action. Let your sweeties show their loves some love with one of these super-simple craft projects.

baby-valentine-1Photo: Brigette Turner

Stamp of Approval
Using the free printable from mama/graphic designer Brigette Turner and your baby’s footprint you can make this adorable piece of art to give or keep for yourself. Just swipe some paint on your littles feet and press them down in a ‘V’ shape on the print-out. Plop the work of art into a cute frame and voila!

baby-valentine-2 Photo: Life is Sweet

Right on the Kisser
Your baby may not have the motor skills to master blowing kisses just yet, but you can help him along by making this blowing kisses card from Life is Sweet. Cover your baby’s hand in paint to make a handprint, then use a picture of your sweetie to create a card where the hand becomes a flap with a Happy Valentine’s Day message inside.

baby-valentine-1Photo: Bliss and Misc

Blank Space
Using tape, mom or dad can create a shape like a heart, or spell out a word like “love” then let baby go at it finger painting until she’s good and messy and ready for the tub. When it’s completely dry, pull up the tape to let the design shine through. Get the full how-to at Bliss and Misc.

baby-valentine-4Photo: Fun at Home with Kids

Stuck On You
Sensory play and art collide to create this easy Valentines’s Day masterpiece from Fun at Home with Kids. Parents will need to get this project started by cutting the cardboard and the sticky contact paper, but then your baby can use whatever materials you have laying around to decorate his creation—from glitter to tissue paper and foam board.


baby-valentine-5Photo: Sugar and Spice Mommy 

First Impressions
For this heart cookie cutter painting from Sugar and Spice Mommy, all you need is some paint, poster board, cookie cutters, and glitter (which is totally optional, considering you’ll be brushing it out of your babe’s strands weeks later). Great for the 12-18 month-set, they’ll simply dip the cookie cutter into paint and glitter, and then press it all over the board, stamp-style. Things may—er, will—get a little messy, but all is fair in love.

baby-valentine-7Photo: Fireflies and Mudpies

Sun Day Best
If your mini likes to touch and tinker while you craft, this Valentine from Fireflies and Mudpies is for them. Cut up tissue paper in red, purple, and pink and brush some kid-safe glue onto wax paper. Then let your babe go to town placing the pieces in whatever pattern she wants. When she’s done, cut out the wax paper in the shape of a heart and—like magic—you have a sun catcher to hang in your window or give away as a gift.

baby-valentine-6Photo: Urban Comfort

Say, “Cheese”
Baby has an easy job with this Valentine’s Day gift idea from Urban Comfort—just look cute. But your job is just as simple. Slip your little one into a white onesie and tape or fabric glue a big red heart to the front of it. Snap a slew of photos, then lay them out on your computer. Print the images and glue them to bookmark-shaped poster board.

Do you have an awesome baby-craft idea for Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.  

—Jenn Andrlik