9 Ways To Make the Most of Snow Days

Brrr! Baby, it’s cold outside. But have no fear. Even when the weather’s chilly and you’re snowed in, there’s lots that you and your little one can do to fight cabin fever and explore the winter wonderland. Here you’ll find nine of our favorite snow day activities for babies and young toddlers.

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Indoor Beach Day

It’s too cold outside for swimwear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming. Try a mid-day bath to break up tired routines. Most babies adore water play anytime. Throw in a few plastic cups and floating ducks and you have the makings of your own beach party.

Shadow Puppet Show

When it’s dark and dreary outside, lights shine even more brightly inside. Bust out the flashlights and shadow puppets and impress your little one with an over sized bunny hopping across the wall and the silly interpretive dance her teddy bear can do under the spotlight.

photo: Arlee Greenwood via mysmallpotatoes

Sensory Play with Snow

Snow can be used in place of sand or play dough, at least until it melts. Scoop up a bunch and bring it inside. Then, set your little one up on towels and get out measuring cups and spoons, and watch your baby build, scoop, and explore the squishy, cold wonder. You can find eight more fun snow sensory play ideas here.

Play With Your Food

When you’re trapped inside, sometimes you need to throw the rules out the window. Plain yogurt with a little food coloring added in makes the perfect medium for finger paintings. Edible play dough is also easy to mix up. Try this simple oatmeal dough, or a brightly-colored mix with Kool Aid.

Snow Day cc USArmy via flickr

Photo: US Army/COL James Rentz via Flickr

Go Sledding

They may not be ready to careen down hills, but little ones sitting up independently can sit in a sled and enjoy the snow. Bundle up your little one and play Rudolph by pull around a sled, like this one, with a rope. Bonus: you get to battle cabin fever with a little exercise.

Snow is Your Canvas

Take a cue from childhood fave The Snow Day and head outside to make tracks in the fresh, pristine snow. Pull on snow boots and stomp around. Budding walkers love to follow a trail or build a new one. Then, make patterns in the snow by drawing lines with a stick.

snow day cc Joseph C via flickr

Photo: Joseph Choi via Flickr


Blow a few bubbles inside for instant baby-mesmerizing magic. Then, if you’re willing to brave the chilly weather, go outside and make your own frozen bubbles. The temperature needs to be 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below for the trick to work. If that’s too cold for you, create semi-solid creations indoors by carefully freezing soap bubbles on a plate in your own freezer.

Dance Party

If all else fails, turn up the music and boogie!

How do you keep your baby busy on snowy days? Share your tips below.

–Oz Spies


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