Don’t let the cold weather keep you from making memories

Winter on the horizon doesn’t mean family fun needs to stop. In fact, the cold weather can be ideal for certain activities (don’t forget our list of 100 indoor activities for kids!) that’ll keep everyone from suffering any seasonal boredom. From going on a winter scavenger hunt to hosting an awesome hot cocoa bar, here are 32 winter activities for kids and families that’ll help you bond with your crew.

one of the most fun winter activities for kids is to bake with mom or dad

1. Bake together. Whip up a batch of cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. Make a few extra batches, and bring them to your neighbors.

2. Take a hike. Whether you live in a cold or warm winter climate, get the family outside to explore the outdoors.

3. Go to the library and find a good book to read. Need some reading inspiration? Here are 22 classic children's books that belong on every bookshelf, and the best new books of 2023.

4. Volunteer as a family. Teach your kiddos some compassion by volunteering as a family. There are lots of community activities that welcome help, and not just around the holiday season.

5. Make paper snowflakes and decorate your house. Give your house some winter cheer with homemade decorations. Paper snowflakes are easy and unique, and make the house look like a winter wonderland.

family game night is a fun winter activity for kids

6. Game on! Break out the board games and cards and have a fun family night of board games.

7. Have a movie night. Light a fire, grab blankets, pop the popcorn, and find a few movies the entire family will love. Go with a classic must-see movie.

8. Make New Year's resolutions. Gather everyone together and talk about goals for 2023. Here are a few ideas if your family needs help with writing its resolutions.

9. Go to a play or concert. Try experiencing a musical, play, or local concert that you haven't seen before. 

10. Make paper airplanes. Give the kids white paper and show them this guide on how to make the perfect airplane


11. Break out the printables. Print out a few printable activities on a cold afternoon.

12. Write a holiday/year-end card or letter. Why should holiday cards be something only the parents do? Have the kiddos write their own year-end cards and mail them to friends and family.

13. Give them interesting trivia to learn. Whether they love animals, space, Harry Potter, Disney, or even general trivia, we've got all the answers

14. Play in the snow. There's nothing that says winter more than making snow angels and having snowball fights together. If snow doesn't fall in your city, check out these snowflake science experiments.

15. Have the kids take one photo a day during the months of January and February. Then use your phone’s movie feature to create a film with music, and don't forget to upload your memories into the Tinybeans app

a nature walk is a good winter activity for kids

16. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Have the kids pick up pinecones, and sticks and take photos of what you find on the trails.

17. Go to a museum. From children's museums to museums of natural history, there's bound to be something your family will love to visit. Be sure to check your local museum's hours and if there are specific restrictions in place (for example, many museums are open again but require timed reservations to keep crowds down). 

18. Set up a dance party. Find a playlist, crank up the music, and let them wiggle, shake, and move to their heart's content. 

19. Make a vision board. It's fun to visualize what the new year might bring! 

making slime is one of the most fun winter activities for kids
Melissa Heckscher

20. Make slime. We know, it's a parent's worst nightmare. But kids love it, and we have a great recipe. We also have all the ways to get slime out of hair, clothes, and the couch

21. Pick an indoor game to play. If you've got multiple kids at home, pick an indoor game for them to set up and play.

22. Have a video game night. If an arcade isn't in your near future, surprise your kids by telling them you're going to play video games with them! Get a brand new game or better yet, check your local library. Most public libraries have a variety of games available for systems including the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, a great way to try a game without having to buy it. 

23. Try a new restaurant. Splurge on dinner out as a family or if you prefer, to-go, from a restaurant no one has tried before. 

24. Make friendship bracelets. Older kids can make fun accessories to give to their friends. 

25. Treat the family to a hot cocoa bar. Make fancy hot chocolate (like with milk on the stove) and set up whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, cherries, and everything else to make for a fun night of indoor sipping.

26. Embrace the world of pretend play. If you set up one of these ideas, it'll keep younger kids will be busy for an afternoon.  

27. Brighten up a cold winter’s night by playing a glow-in-the-dark game. How about flashlight charades or sardines? 

28. Host a fancy appetizer party. You don’t need the holidays as an excuse to have a party with these awesome recipes. Another idea is to surprise the kids and serve a variety of appetizers for dinner. You can even dress up and have a polite conversation. 

29. Practice yoga together. Get your family's zen on with a kid-friendly yoga video and practice as a family.

indoor forts are a classic winter activity for kids

30. Build an indoor fort. Need ideas? We’ve got 13 awesome fort ideas your kids will want to make their permanent home.

31. Gather pinecones and make a craft. Try hanging them from your door or make a bird feeder.

32. Make breakfast for dinner. Shake things up and turn the most important meal into nighttime fun. Here are 30 super easy and tasty recipes your family will love.

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